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Lower Division Requirements
Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

BS - Nursing

San José State University -to- College of the Sequoias

Community College students should meet with a counselor as soon as possible to determine the equivalent courses offered at that institution. Students should complete as many as possible of the lower division requirements listed below, prior to transfer.

Lower Division Course Requirements

Community College Course Equivalents


SEE THE SCHOOL OF NURSING'S WEB SITE: for detailed information and updates about minimal grades for the 9 prerequisites, which are a part of the impaction criteria for eligibility for applying to the nursing major. Passing the writing skills test (WST) and minimal scores on the TEAS test by ATI, are also required. The minimum score for the TEAS test is 68 (on version V of the TEAS test) and regardless of the version of the TEAS exam can be taken a maximum of two times. Files are reviewed twice a year with specified posted deadlines. Monthly group advising (for two hours) is strongly recommended and dates/times are posted on the School's web site,, under advising. All materials in the BS information packet should be reviewed from the web page prior to attending group advising. The WST should be take approximately 4-5 months prior to applying to the nursing major (see

Please Note: A change in prerequisites occurred for students applying to the School of Nursing after Spring 2007. This change means that the School of Nursing's prerequisite courses will be in alignment with other CSU campuses offering nursing as a major. Check with the School of Nursing frequently regarding the anticipated changes. The student must apply to the university, as well as the School of Nursing for admission.

Students must maintain a minimum grade of "C" or better or "Credit" in all preparation/prerequisite courses for the nursing major.

Prerequisites (Preparation) for the Major:

ENGL 001A Composition IEngl 1 College Reading and Composition
CSU GE Area A-2: Written Communication: Any certified CSU GE course approved for Written Communication (a grade of "C" or better is required).

All students must satisfy the following Engl 1B prerequisite (or equivalent) prior to registering for the WST and 100W courses at SJSU {Academic Senate policy S05-8}.

Once the following course requirement is completed (earning a grade of C or better), students should contact to register for the WST exam at SJSU. Passing the WST prior to your first semester at SJSU will prevent delays in registering for upper division courses:
ENGL 001B Composition 2
A "C" or better is required in English 1B (a "C-" is not acceptable).
ENGL 2 Logic and Composition
2nd English Composition Equivalent Transfer CoursePHIL 25 Critical Thinking
A course articulated to SJSU's English 1B is recommended, however any course approved for the IGETC second semester composition area would be accepted to meet this requirement (a grade of "C" or better is required).
COMM 020 Public SpeakingComm 1 Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Complete either this course:
Chemistry for Nursing Equivalent Transfer CourseCHEM 30 General and Biological Chemistry (*)
OR complete both:
CHEM 030A Introductory ChemistryChem 20 Introduction to General Chemistry (*)
CHEM 030B Introductory ChemistryChem 21 Organic and Biological Chemistry (*)
BIOL 065 Human AnatomyNo Current Equivalent
BIOL 065O Human Anatomy
(or other equivalent transfer course approved for most majors)
No Current Equivalent
BIOL 066 Human PhysiologyBiol 31 Human Physiology
MICR 020 General BacteriologyBiol 40 General Microbiology
STAT 095 Elementary StatisticsMath 21 Introduction to Statistics
SSCI 25 Statistics-Social Sciences
UNVS 015C Statway C: Statistics-Concepts & Methods
Please note: A course that articulates to UNVS 015C may be used in "lieu of" the statistics course required by this major through Summer 2014. Students must earn a grade of "C" or better.
No Current Equivalent
A passing score on the WST (completed at least 2 months prior to application deadline).
A minimum passing score on the ATI "TEAS" test

Support for the Major:

CHAD 067 Development of Human PotentialNo Current Equivalent
NUFS 008 Nutrition for the Health ProfessionsNo Current Equivalent
PSYC 001 General PsychologyPsy 1 General Psychology

LDTP Approved Courses (*)

The following College of the Sequoias courses are approved for the following LDTP course descriptors shown on the right.
CHEM 30Survey of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry
Chem 20General, Organic and Biochemistry for Allied Health Majors, with Lab
Chem 21Organic and Biochemistry for Allied Health Majors, with Lab
LDTP courses are acceptable "in lieu of" each other.
LDTP courses are not necessarily "equivalent" or "identical" in content.


Prior to transferring to San José State University all transfers must earn at least 60 transferable semester units (90 quarter). Within those 60 semester/90 quarter units students are strongly encouraged to complete the following:

1. General Education Requirements:
Complete all the CSU GE Breadth requirements at the community college (39 semester units/58 quarter units). The approved courses for each area can be found at under the link "CSU GE-Breadth Certification Courses" for your college. Many of these courses can be double counted to meet the major requirements shown above, so choose your courses wisely. Please see your college counselor/advisor to review your general education in order to receive FULL OR PARTIAL CERTIFICATION PRIOR TO TRANSFER to San José State University.

2. Second Semester English Composition:
Complete the second semester English composition course (or equivalent) as it is a prerequisite to registering for the WST and 100W courses at SJSU. Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in this course (a "C-" is not acceptable). Approved courses can be found above within the lower division major requirements. Be sure to select this course as part of your CSU GE-Breadth 39 semester unit requirements. Once this course is complete, students are encouraged to take the WST exam at SJSU to avoid delays in enrollment for other SJSU required courses. To register for the WST contact our Testing office at

3. American Institutions Requirement (US 1, US 2, and US 3 must be completed):
This requirement is normally 2 courses and can be taken as part of your CSU GE-Breadth 39 semester unit requirements (GE Area D and sometimes Area C). The approved courses can be found at under the link "CSU US History, Constitution, and American Ideals Courses" for your college.

4. Physical Education Requirement:
Two courses are required and must include at least two different activities. Completion of these courses will clear the graduation requirement at SJSU.

5. Lower Division Major Course Requirements:
Complete as many of the lower division courses required for the major as possible. Many of these courses may be double counted as part of the CSU GE-Breadth 39 semester unit requirements. These requirements are shown above.