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Lower Division Requirements
Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

Course-to-Course Articulation

San José State University -to- San Diego Mesa College

San José State University has established the following course-to-course articulation agreement with San Diego Mesa College.

San José State University

San Diego Mesa College

African American Studies

AFAM 002A African Americans and the Development of America's History and GovernmentBLAS 140A History of the United States, Black Perspectives
AFAM 002B African Americans and the Development of America's History and GovernmentBLAS 140B History of the U.S., Black Perspectives
AFAM 022 The Humanities in African-American CultureNo Current Equivalent
AFAM 040 African OriginsNo Current Equivalent


ANTH 011 Cultural AnthropologyAnth 103 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 012 Introduction to Human EvolutionAnth 102 Introduction to Biological Anthropology
ANTH 013 ArchaeologyAnth 107 Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 025 Human Lifecourse in ContextNo Current Equivalent

Art and Art History

ART 012 Two-Dimensional Design and Color ConceptsArtF 150A Two-Dimensional Design
ART 013 Three-Dimensional Design ConceptsArtF 151 Three-Dimensional Design
ART 014 ColorArtF 152 Color Theory
ART 024 Drawing IArtF 155A Freehand Drawing I
ART 025 Expressive DrawingNo Current Equivalent
ART 026 Drawing IINo Current Equivalent
ART 039 Multicultural Arts for ChildrenNo Current Equivalent
ART 046 Introduction to CeramicsArtF 195A Ceramics I
ART 047 Introduction to MetalsmithingNo Current Equivalent
ART 061 Beginning PaintingArtF 165A Composition in Painting I
ART 068 Beginning Sculpture: Object & ConceptArtF 175A Sculpture I
ART 074 Introduction to Digital MediaARTF 231 Introduction to Digital Art
ART 075 Introduction to Digital Video ArtNo Current Equivalent
ARTH 011 Modern Art HistoryNo Current Equivalent
ARTH 070A Art History, Prehistoric to MedievalArtF 110 Art History: Prehistoric to Gothic
ARTH 070B Art History, Renaissance to ModernArtF 111 Art History: Renaissance to Modern
ARTH 070C Arts of AsiaARTF 125 Art History: Arts of the Asian Continent
ARTH 072 Design in SocietyNo Current Equivalent
PHOT 040 Beginning PhotographyArtF 190A Black and White Art Photography


AVIA 001 Introduction to the Aviation IndustryNo Current Equivalent
AVIA 002 Private Pilot GroundNo Current Equivalent
AVIA 031 Aircraft Theory and DesignNo Current Equivalent
AVIA 042 Aircraft SystemsNo Current Equivalent
AVIA 043 Propulsion TheoryNo Current Equivalent
AVIA 062 Instrument Pilot GroundNo Current Equivalent
AVIA 068 Avionics and Airborne CommunicationNo Current Equivalent
AVIA 073 Air Traffic ControlNo Current Equivalent
AVIA 091 Aircraft Turbine EnginesNo Current Equivalent

Biological Sciences

BIOL 010 The Living WorldBiol 107 General Biology - Lecture and Laboratory
BIOL 020 Ecological BiologyNo Current Equivalent
BIOL 021 Human BiologyNo Current Equivalent
BIOL 030 Principles of Biology IBiol 210A Introduction to the Biological Sciences I
Biol 210B Introduction to the Biological Sciences II
(BIOL 210A & BIOL 210B must be completed at same institution)
BIOL 031 Principles of Biology IIBiol 210B Introduction to the Biological Sciences II
BIOL 055 BiostatisticsBIOL 200 Biological Statistics
Psyc 258 Behavioral Science Statistics
PSYC 259 Behavioral Science Statistics Laboratory
BUSE 115 Statistics for Business
MATH 119 Elementary Statistics
(PSYC 258 & PSYC 259 must be completed at same institution)
BIOL 065 Human AnatomyNo Current Equivalent
BIOL 065O Human AnatomyBiol 230 Human Anatomy
BIOL 066 Human PhysiologyBiol 235 Human Physiology
MICR 020 General BacteriologyBiol 205 General Microbiology


BUS1 020 Financial AccountingAcct 116A Financial Accounting
BUS1 020N Survey of AccountingNo Current Equivalent
BUS1 021 Managerial AccountingAcct 116B Managerial Accounting
BUS2 090 Business StatisticsBUSE 115 Statistics for Business
MATH 119 Elementary Statistics
Psyc 258 Behavioral Science Statistics
PSYC 259 Behavioral Science Statistics Laboratory
(PSYC 258 & PSYC 259 must be completed at same institution)
BUS3 010 Discovering BusinessBUSE 100 Introduction to Business
BUS3 080 Legal Environment of BusinessBuse 140 Business Law and the Legal Environment
BUS4 091L Computer Tools for BusinessNo Current Equivalent
BUS4 092 Introduction to Business ProgrammingNo Current Equivalent


CHEM 001A General ChemistryChem 200 General Chemistry I - Lecture
Chem 200L General Chemistry I - Laboratory
(CHEM 200 & CHEM 200L must be completed at same institution)
CHEM 001B General ChemistryChem 201 General Chemistry II - Lecture
Chem 201L General Chemistry II - Laboratory
(Chem 201 & Chem 201L must be completed at same institution)
CHEM 008 Organic ChemistryCHEM 130 Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry
CHEM 009 Organic Chemistry LabCHEM 130L Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 030A Introductory ChemistryChem 100 Fundamentals of Chemistry
Chem 100L Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory
(Chem 100 & Chem 100L must be completed at same institution)
CHEM 030B Introductory ChemistryCHEM 130 Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry
CHEM 130L Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry Laboratory
(Chem 130 & Chem 130L must be completed at same institution)
CHEM 55 and 55L Quantitative Analysis and Lab sequenceChem 251 Quantitative Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 112A, 112B and 113A Organic Chemistry & LabCHEM 231 Organic Chemistry I - Lecture
CHEM 231L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM 233 Organic Chemistry II - Lecture
CHEM 233L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
CONTENT CREDIT ONLY (must complete entire course sequence at same institution)
Chemistry for Nursing Equivalent Transfer CourseNo Current Equivalent

Chicano and Chicana Studies

CCS 001 Introduction to Chicana and Chicano StudiesNo Current Equivalent
CCS 025 The Changing Majority: Power and Ethnicity in AmericaNo Current Equivalent
CCS 040 The Chicano Theatre (El Teatro Chicano)No Current Equivalent

Communication Studies

COMM 010 Communication and Human RelationshipsComs 135 Interpersonal Communication
COMM 020 Public SpeakingComs 103 Oral Communication
COMM 040 Argumentation and AdvocacyComs 160 Argumentation
COMM 041 Critical Decision MakingNo Current Equivalent
COMM 045 Media and CultureNo Current Equivalent
COMM 074 Fundamentals of Intercultural CommunicationComs 180 Intercultural Communication

Comparative Religious Studies

RELS 070 Gods, Guns, Gurus, Grails-World ReligionNo Current Equivalent
RELS 090 Bible History and LiteratureNo Current Equivalent
RELS 099 Death, Dying and ReligionsNo Current Equivalent

Computer Science

CS 022A Python for EveryoneNo Current Equivalent
CS 046A Introduction to ProgrammingNo Current Equivalent
CS 046B Introduction to Data StructuresNo Current Equivalent
CS 047 Introduction to Computer SystemsNo Current Equivalent
CS 049C Programming in CCISC 192 C/C++ Programming
CS 049J Programming in JavaNo Current Equivalent


ANI 010 Light and OpticsNo Current Equivalent
ANI 011 Illustration Fundamentals IArtF 155A Freehand Drawing I
ANI 013 Drawing for Animation/Illustration IArtF 210A Life Drawing I
ANI 021 Color Principles for Screen ArtsNo Current Equivalent
ANI 031 2D Animation INo Current Equivalent
ANI 041 Introduction to 3D ModelingNo Current Equivalent
ANI 061 Introduction to 3D AnimationNo Current Equivalent
ANI 071 Visual PrinciplesNo Current Equivalent
DSGD 063 Fundamental Graphic VisualizationArtF 150A Two-Dimensional Design
DSGD 083 Digital Applications: BasicsARTF 150B Beginning Graphic Design
DSGD 099 Introduction to TypographyNo Current Equivalent
DSIT 005 Introduction of Interior Design and ArchitectureNo Current Equivalent
DSIT 010 Sketching, Drawing + ModelingNo Current Equivalent
DSIT 029 Design ProcessNo Current Equivalent
DSIT 033 Architectural PresentationNo Current Equivalent
DSIT 034 Interior Architecture Foundation StudioNo Current Equivalent
DSIT 083 Visual Communication INo Current Equivalent


ECON 001A Principles of Economics: MacroeconomicsEcon 120 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 001B Principles of Economics: MicroeconomicsEcon 121 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 003 Economic StatisticsBUSE 115 Statistics for Business
MATH 119 Elementary Statistics
Psyc 258 Behavioral Science Statistics
PSYC 259 Behavioral Science Statistics Laboratory
(PSYC 258 & PSYC 259 must be completed at same institution)


CHAD 060 Child DevelopmentChil 101 Human Growth and Development
CHAD 070 Lifespan Development in the 21st CenturyNo Current Equivalent
CHAD 080 Quantitative Analysis in Developmental ScienceBUSE 115 Statistics for Business
MATH 119 Elementary Statistics
Psyc 258 Behavioral Science Statistics
PSYC 259 Behavioral Science Statistics Laboratory
(PSYC 258 & PSYC 259 must be completed at same institution)
EDSE 014A American Sign Language INo Current Equivalent
EDSE 014B American Sign Language IINo Current Equivalent


AE 020 Computer-Aided Design for Aerospace EngineersArch 112 AutoCAD
Enge 151 Computer-Aided Design
AE 030 Computer Programming for Aerospace EngineersNo Current Equivalent
CE 008 Plane SurveyingNo Current Equivalent
CE 020 Engineering Graphics, CAD and ProgrammingNo Current Equivalent
CE 095 Theory and Application of StaticsEnge 200 Statics
CE 099 Introductory StaticsEnge 200 Statics
CMPE 030 Programming Concepts and MethodologyCISC 192 C/C++ Programming
CISC 190 Java Programming
CMPE 050 Object-Oriented Concepts and MethodologyCISC 187 Data Structures in C++
EE 030 Introduction to Programming Micro-Controllers for Electrical EngineeringCISC 192 C/C++ Programming
EE 097 Introductory Electrical Engineering LaboratoryNo Current Equivalent
EE 098 Introduction to Circuit AnalysisEnge 260 Electric Circuits
ENGR 010 Introduction to EngineeringNo Current Equivalent
MATE 025 Introduction to MaterialsEnge 210 Properties of Materials
ME 020 Design and GraphicsArch 112 AutoCAD
Enge 151 Computer-Aided Design
ME 030 Computer ApplicationsNo Current Equivalent
ME 041 Machine Shop SafetyNo Current Equivalent

English and Comparative Literature

ENGL 001A First Year WritingEngl 101 Reading and Composition
Engl 105 Composition and Literature
ENGL 001B Argument and AnalysisNo Current Equivalent
ENGL 002 Critical Thinking and WritingEngl 205 Critical Thinking and Intermediate Composition
PHIL 205 Critical Thinking and Writing in Philosophy
ENGL 010 Great Works of LiteratureEngl 208 Introduction to Literature
ENGL 022 Fantasy and Science FictionNo Current Equivalent
ENGL 040 Contemporary World FictionNo Current Equivalent
ENGL 050 Beginnings to the "American" ExperimentEngl 215 English Literature I: 800-1799
ENGL 060 Literatures of the Atlantic World, 1680-1860Engl 210 American Literature I
Engl 216 English Literature II: 1800-Present
(Engl 210 & Engl 216 must be completed at same institution)
ENGL 070 Emerging Modernisms and BeyondEngl 211 American Literature II
ENGL 071 Creative WritingEngl 245A Writing Creative Nonfiction
ENGL 078 Introduction to Shakespeare's DramaEngl 240 Shakespeare

Environmental Studies

ENVS 001 Introduction to Environmental IssuesNo Current Equivalent
ENVS 010 Life on a Changing PlanetNo Current Equivalent

Film and Theatre

RTVF 010 The Art of FilmNo Current Equivalent
RTVF 020 Introduction to Audio for Film & TelevisionNo Current Equivalent
RTVF 030 Introduction to Film & Television ProductionNo Current Equivalent
RTVF 031 Film and Television AestheticsNo Current Equivalent
RTVF 080 Introduction to MediaNo Current Equivalent
RTVF 082 Introduction to Film HistoryNo Current Equivalent
TA 005 ActingDRAM 132 Beginning Acting
TA 010 Theatre AppreciationDram 105 Introduction to Dramatic Arts
TA 011 Script AnalysisDRAM 112 Introduction to Script Analysis
TA 017 Intermediate ActingDram 133 Intermediate Acting
TA 048 Voice & Movement for the ActorNo Current Equivalent
TA 051A Scenery and Props for the Performing ArtsNo Current Equivalent
TA 051B Costume for the Performing ArtsNo Current Equivalent
TA 051C Lighting & Sound for the Performing ArtsNo Current Equivalent
TA 064 Make-up for Performing ArtsDram 124 Makeup for the Stage


GEOG 001 Physical GeographyGeog 101 Physical Geography
GEOG 010 Cultural GeographyGeog 102 Cultural Geography
GEOG 012 World Regional GeographyGEOG 104 World Regional Geography


GEOL 001 General GeologyGeol 100 Physical Geology
Geol 101 Physical Geology Laboratory
(Geol 100 & Geol 101 must be completed at same institution)
GEOL 002 Geology for EngineersNo Current Equivalent
GEOL 003 Planet EarthGEOL 104 Earth Science
GEOL 004L Earth Systems LabNo Current Equivalent
GEOL 007 Earth, Time and LifeGEOL 111 The Earth Through Time
GEOL 028 Geology OutdoorsNo Current Equivalent

Global Studies

GLST 001A Introduction to Global StudiesNo Current Equivalent


HIST 001A World History to 1500Hist 100 World History I
HIST 001B World History from 1500Hist 101 World History II
HIST 010A Western CivilizationHist 105 Introduction to Western Civilization I
HIST 010B Western CivilizationHist 106 Introduction to Western Civilization II
HIST 020A History of the American PeopleHIST 109 History of the United States I
HIST 020B History of the American PeopleHIST 110 History of the United States II

Hospitality Management

HSPM 001 Introduction to Hospitality ManagementHOSP 101 Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism
HSPM 011 Restaurant ManagementNo Current Equivalent
HSPM 012 Cost Control in HospitalityNo Current Equivalent
HSPM 020 Sanitation and Environmental Issues in the Hospitality IndustryCACM 102 Sanitation
Hospitality Major Elective/s Equivalent Transfer Course/sNo Current Equivalent

Journalism and Mass Communications

ADV 091 Introduction to AdvertisingNo Current Equivalent
JOUR 061 Writing for Print, Electronic and Online MediaJour 200 Introduction to News Writing and Reporting
JOUR 095 Beginning Digital News PhotographyNo Current Equivalent
MCOM 063 New MediaNo Current Equivalent
MCOM 070 Visual Communication for Modern MediaNo Current Equivalent
MCOM 072 Mass Communication and SocietyJOUR 202 Introduction to Mass Communication
PR 099 Introduction to Public RelationsJOUR 220 Principles of Public Relations

Justice Studies

FS 011 Survey of Forensic ScienceNo Current Equivalent
JS 010 Introduction to Justice StudiesNo Current Equivalent
JS 012 Introduction to Legal StudiesNo Current Equivalent
JS 015 Introductory Statistics in Justice StudiesPsyc 258 Behavioral Science Statistics
PSYC 259 Behavioral Science Statistics Laboratory
BUSE 115 Statistics for Business
MATH 119 Elementary Statistics
(PSYC 258 & PSYC 259 must be completed at same institution)


KIN 001 Adapted Physical ActivitiesNo Current Equivalent
KIN 002A Beginning SwimmingEXSC 113A Swimming I
KIN 002B Intermediate SwimmingEXSC 113B Swimming II
KIN 002C Advanced SwimmingEXSC 113C Swimming III
KIN 003 Water PoloNo Current Equivalent
KIN 008 Skin and SCUBA DivingNo Current Equivalent
KIN 009A Beginning SailingNo Current Equivalent
KIN 011A Beginning RowingNo Current Equivalent
KIN 014A Beginning VolleyballEXSC 182A Volleyball I
KIN 014B Intermediate VolleyballEXSC 182B Volleyball II
KIN 014C Advanced VolleyballEXSC 182C Volleyball III
KIN 015A Beginning BasketballEXSC 158A Basketball I
KIN 015B Intermediate BasketballEXSC 158B Basketball II
KIN 019A Beginning SoccerEXSC 174A Soccer I
KIN 019B Intermediate SoccerEXSC 174B Soccer II
KIN 020A Beginning BadmintonEXSC 154A Badminton I
KIN 020B Intermediate BadmintonEXSC 154B Badminton II
KIN 020C Advanced BadmintonEXSC 158C Basketball III
KIN 021A Beginning TennisEXSC 178A Tennis I
KIN 021B Intermediate TennisEXSC 178B Tennis II
KIN 023A Beginning ArcheryNo Current Equivalent
KIN 023B Intermediate ArcheryNo Current Equivalent
KIN 024A Beginning BowlingNo Current Equivalent
KIN 024B Intermediate BowlingNo Current Equivalent
KIN 025A Beginning GolfEXSC 166A Golf I
KIN 025B Intermediate GolfEXSC 166B Golf II
KIN 027A Beginning Table TennisNo Current Equivalent
KIN 027B Intermediate Table TennisNo Current Equivalent
KIN 028A Beginning GymnasticsNo Current Equivalent
KIN 029 Cardio KickboxingNo Current Equivalent
KIN 030 PilatesNo Current Equivalent
KIN 031 Body SculptingNo Current Equivalent
KIN 032 AerobicsEXSC 125A Aerobic Dance I
KIN 034 Step TrainingNo Current Equivalent
KIN 035A Beginning Weight TrainingEXSC 139A Weight Training I
KIN 035B Intermediate Weight TrainingEXSC 139B Weight Training II
KIN 037 Fitness WalkingNo Current Equivalent
KIN 038 Beginning JoggingNo Current Equivalent
KIN 040A Topics in Modern Dance INo Current Equivalent
KIN 041A Topics in Ballet INo Current Equivalent
KIN 042A Topics in Jazz Dance INo Current Equivalent
KIN 045A Beginning Lindy Hop and Night Club SwingNo Current Equivalent
KIN 046A Beginning Social DanceNo Current Equivalent
KIN 047A Beginning West Coast SwingNo Current Equivalent
KIN 048A Beginning Latin DanceNo Current Equivalent
KIN 049A Topics in Tap Dance INo Current Equivalent
KIN 050 Tai Chi (Non-Combative)No Current Equivalent
KIN 051A Beginning AikidoNo Current Equivalent
KIN 051B Intermediate AikidoNo Current Equivalent
KIN 052A Beginning JudoNo Current Equivalent
KIN 052B Intermediate JudoNo Current Equivalent
KIN 052C Competitive JudoNo Current Equivalent
KIN 053A Beginning KarateNo Current Equivalent
KIN 053B Intermediate KarateNo Current Equivalent
KIN 054A Beginning Tae Kwon DoNo Current Equivalent
KIN 055A Beginning Self-DefenseNo Current Equivalent
KIN 061A Beginning Hatha YogaEXSC 145B Yoga II - Beginning Yoga
KIN 061B Intermediate Hatha YogaEXSC 145C Yoga III - Intermediate
KIN 063A Beginning Hiking and BackpackingNo Current Equivalent
KIN 069 Stress Management: A Multidisciplinary PerspectiveNo Current Equivalent
KIN 070 Introduction to KinesiologyEXSC 241B Introduction to Kinesiology

Linguistics and Language Development

LING 020 Nature of LanguageNo Current Equivalent


MATH 012 Number SystemsMath 210A Concepts of Elementary School Mathematics I
MATH 018A College AlgebraMATH 116 College and Matrix Algebra
MATH 141 Precalculus
MATH 018B TrigonometryNo Current Equivalent
MATH 019 PrecalculusMATH 141 Precalculus
MATH 030 Calculus IMath 150 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I
MATH 031 Calculus IIMath 151 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II
MATH 032 Calculus IIIMath 252 Calculus with Analytic Geometry III
MATH 033A Ordinary Differential Equations for SCI & ENGRMATH 255 Differential Equations
MATH 033LA Differential Equations and Linear AlgebraMATH 254 Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH 255 Differential Equations
(MATH 254 & MATH 255 must be completed at same institution)
MATH 039 Linear Algebra IMATH 254 Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH 042 Discrete MathematicsMath 245 Discrete Mathematics
MATH 050 Scientific Computing INo Current Equivalent
MATH 070 Mathematics for BusinessNo Current Equivalent
MATH 071 Calculus for Business and AviationMath 121 Basic Techniques of Applied Calculus I


METR 010 Weather and ClimateNo Current Equivalent
METR 012 Global Warming: Science and SolutionsNo Current Equivalent
METR 050 Scientific Computing INo Current Equivalent
METR 051 Scientific Computing IINo Current Equivalent
METR 061 Meteorology IINo Current Equivalent

Music and Dance

DANC 010 Dance AppreciationDanc 181 History of Dance
DANC 040A Topics in Modern Dance IDANC 142A Modern Dance I
DANC 042A Topics in Jazz Dance IDANC 137A Jazz Dance I
DANC 043 Dance ImprovisationDANC 176A Dance Improvisation
DANC 048A Beginning Latin DanceNo Current Equivalent
DANC 049A Topics in Tap Dance IDANC 117A Tap Dance I
DANC 051A Dance ProductionDANC 271A Stage Costuming for Dance
DANC 051B Topics in Dance CrewingNo Current Equivalent
DANC 053 Techniques in World DanceNo Current Equivalent
DANC 054 Topics in Dance Technique IINo Current Equivalent
DANC 075 Rhythm and Dynamics in DanceDanc 183 Music for Dance
MUSC 001A Music Systems IAMUSI 148A Music Theory I
MUSC 001B Music Systems IBMUSI 268A Ear Training I
MUSC 002A Music Systems IIAMUSI 148B Music Theory II
MUSC 002B Music Systems IIBMUSI 268B Ear Training II
MUSC 003A Music Systems IIIAMUSI 248A Music Theory III
MUSC 003B Music Systems IIIBNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 004A Music Systems IVAMUSI 248B Music Theory IV
MUSC 004B Music Systems IVBMUSI 269B Ear Training IV
MUSC 006 Jazz TheoryNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 009 Music FundamentalsMUSI 150A Basic Musicianship
MUSC 010A Music AppreciationMUSI 100 Introduction to Music
MUSC 010B Introduction to MusicNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 012 Medieval and Renaissance MusicNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 013 Music TechnologyNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 019 Music in World CulturesMusi 109 World Music
MUSC 025A Piano Proficiency INo Current Equivalent
MUSC 025B Piano Proficiency IINo Current Equivalent
MUSC 025C Piano Proficiency IIINo Current Equivalent
MUSC 026A Voice FundamentalsMUSI 134A Voice Class I
MUSC 027A Fundamentals of Jazz Keyboard INo Current Equivalent
MUSC 027B Fundamentals of Jazz Keyboard IINo Current Equivalent
MUSC 028 Guitar FundamentalsNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 030 PianoNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 033 VoiceNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 034 StringsNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 035 WoodwindsNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 036 BrassNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 037 PercussionNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 039A Jazz: Improvisation, Composition or Arranging 1No Current Equivalent
MUSC 040A Jazz Improvisation - INo Current Equivalent
MUSC 050A ENS: Concert ChoirNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 051 ENS: University ChoralesNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 052 ENS: Opera TheaterNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 053 ENS: University Symphony OrchestraNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 054 ENS: Symphonic BandNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 055 ENS: Wind EnsembleNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 057 ENS: Jazz OrchestraNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 059 ENS: Afro-Latin Jazz EnsembleNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 060A ENS: ChoraliersNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 060C ENS: Chamber MusicNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 060D ENS: Collegium MusicumNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 060E ENS: Jazz SingersNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 060F ENS: Small Jazz EnsemblesNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 060H ENS: Percussion EnsembleNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 060I ENS: Jazz EnsembleNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 060J ENS: String EnsembleNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 060K ENS: Brass EnsembleNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 060L ENS: Woodwind EnsembleNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 060M ENS: Saxophone EnsembleNo Current Equivalent

Nutrition and Food Science

NUFS 008 Nutrition for the Health ProfessionsNUTR 150 Nutrition
NUFS 009 Introduction to Human NutritionNo Current Equivalent
NUFS 012 Cost Control in HospitalityNo Current Equivalent
NUFS 020 Sanitation and Environmental Issues in the Hospitality IndustryCACM 102 Sanitation
NUFS 021 Culinary Principles and PracticeCACM 106 Theory of Food Principles
CACM 110A Fundamental Food and Service: Restaurant Operations
(CACM 106 & CACM 110A must be completed at same institution)
NUFS 022 Catering and Beverage ManagementNo Current Equivalent
NUFS 025 Internship in Foodservice ManagementNo Current Equivalent


PHIL 009 Mathematics and Logic for General EducationPHIL 101 Symbolic Logic
PHIL 010 Introduction to PhilosophyPhil 102A Introduction to Philosophy: Reality and Knowledge
PHIL 057 Logic and Critical ReasoningPhil 100 Logic and Critical Thinking
PHIL 101 Symbolic Logic
PHIL 061 Moral IssuesPhil 102B Introduction to Philosophy: Values
PHIL 066 Introduction to AestheticsPhil 130 Philosophy of Art and Music
PHIL 070A Ancient PhilosophyPhil 104A History Of Western Philosophy: Ancient to Medieval
PHIL 070B Modern PhilosophyPhil 104B History of Western Philosophy: Modern to Contemporary


PHYS 001 Elementary PhysicsPhys 100 Introductory Physics
PHYS 002A Fundamentals of PhysicsPhys 125 General Physics
PHYS 002B Fundamentals of PhysicsPhys 126 General Physics II
PHYS 050 General Physics/MechanicsPhys 195 Mechanics
PHYS 051 General Physics/Electricity and MagnetismPhys 196 Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 052 General Physics/Waves, Light, HeatPhys 197 Waves, Optics and Modern Physics

Political Science

POLS 001 American GovernmentPoli 102 Introduction to American Government
POLS 002 Introduction to Comparative PoliticsPoli 103 Comparative Politics
POLS 003 Introduction to Political ThoughtPoli 124 Power and Justice: An Introduction to Political Theory
POLS 004 Introduction to International RelationsPoli 140 Contemporary International Politics

Psychology and Statistics

PSYC 001 Introduction to PsychologyPsyc 101 General Psychology
PSYC 018 Introduction to Research MethodsPsyc 255 Intro to Psychological Research
PSYC 030 Introductory PsychobiologyPsyc 260 Introduction to Physiological Psychology
STAT 095 Elementary StatisticsBUSE 115 Statistics for Business
Psyc 258 Behavioral Science Statistics
MATH 119 Elementary Statistics

Public Health & Recreation

PH 001 Understanding Your HealthHEAL 101 Health and Lifestyle
PH 015 Human Life SpanPSYC 230 Psychology of Lifespan Development
PH 067 Introductory Health StatisticsPsyc 258 Behavioral Science Statistics
MATH 119 Elementary Statistics
BUSE 115 Statistics for Business
PH 099 Introduction To Public HealthHEAL 103 Introduction to Public Health
RECL 090 Foundations of Recreation Parks & TourismNo Current Equivalent
RECL 097 Event PlanningNo Current Equivalent

Social Work

SCWK 010 Introduction to Social Welfare and Social WorkNo Current Equivalent


SOCI 001 Introduction to SociologySoco 101 Principles of Sociology
SOCI 015 Statistical Applications in the Social SciencesPsyc 258 Behavioral Science Statistics
PSYC 259 Behavioral Science Statistics Laboratory
BUSE 115 Statistics for Business
MATH 119 Elementary Statistics
(PSYC 258 & PSYC 259 must be completed at same institution)
SOCI 080 Social ProblemsSoco 110 Contemporary Social Problems


TECH 020A Computer-Aided-GraphicsArch 112 AutoCAD
Enge 151 Computer-Aided Design
TECH 025 Introduction to Materials TechnologyNo Current Equivalent
TECH 030 Introduction to Python ProgrammingNo Current Equivalent
TECH 031 Quality Assurance and ControlNo Current Equivalent
TECH 041 Machine Shop SafetyNo Current Equivalent
TECH 045 Sustainable Facilities Design & PlanningNo Current Equivalent
TECH 046 Machine Operation and ManagementNo Current Equivalent
TECH 060 Introduction to ElectronicsNo Current Equivalent
TECH 062 Analog CircuitsNo Current Equivalent
TECH 063 Analog and Digital CircuitsNo Current Equivalent
TECH 065 Introduction to NetworksNo Current Equivalent
TECH 066 Network AdministrationNo Current Equivalent
TECH 067 Introduction to Internet of ThingsNo Current Equivalent
TECH 068 Internet of Things SystemsNo Current Equivalent

University Studies

UNVS 015 Statway: Statistics-Concepts & MethodsNo Current Equivalent

World Languages and Literatures

CHIN 001A Elementary ChineseNo Current Equivalent
CHIN 001B Elementary ChineseNo Current Equivalent
CHIN 025A Intermediate ChineseNo Current Equivalent
CHIN 025B Intermediate ChineseNo Current Equivalent
FREN 001A Elementary FrenchFren 101 First Course in French
FREN 001B Elementary FrenchFren 102 Second Course in French
FREN 025A, 025B, and 025C Intermediate FrenchFren 201 Third Course in French
Fren 202 Fourth Course in French
(Fren 201 & Fren 202 must be completed at same institution)
GERM 001A Elementary GermanGerm 101 First Course in German
GERM 001B Elementary GermanGerm 102 Second Course in German
GERM 025A Intermediate GermanGerm 201 Third Course in German
GERM 025B Intermediate GermanNo Current Equivalent
HEBR 010A Elementary HebrewNo Current Equivalent
HEBR 010B Elementary HebrewNo Current Equivalent
HEBR 015A Intermediate HebrewNo Current Equivalent
HEBR 015B Intermediate HebrewNo Current Equivalent
ITAL 001A Elementary ItalianItal 101 First Course in Italian
ITAL 001B Elementary ItalianItal 102 Second Course in Italian
JPN 001A Elementary JapaneseJapn 101 First Course in Japanese
JPN 001B Elementary JapaneseJapn 102 Second Course in Japanese
JPN 025A Intermediate JapaneseJapn 201 Third Course in Japanese
JPN 025B Intermediate JapaneseJapn 202 Fourth Course in Japanese
PORT 001A Elementary Portuguese INo Current Equivalent
PORT 001B Elementary Portuguese IINo Current Equivalent
SPAN 001A Elementary SpanishSpan 101 First Course in Spanish
SPAN 001B Elementary SpanishSpan 102 Second Course in Spanish
SPAN 003 Special Topics in Practical SpanishNo Current Equivalent
SPAN 004A Basic Spanish INo Current Equivalent
SPAN 004B Basic Spanish IINo Current Equivalent
SPAN 020A Spanish for Heritage Speakers ISPAN 215 Spanish for Spanish Speakers I
SPAN 020B Spanish for Heritage Speakers IISPAN 216 Spanish for Spanish Speakers II
SPAN 025A Intermediate SpanishSpan 201 Third Course in Spanish
SPAN 025B Intermediate SpanishSpan 202 Fourth Course in Spanish
VIET 001A Elementary VietnameseNo Current Equivalent
VIET 001B Elementary VietnameseNo Current Equivalent

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