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Orange Coast College

2016 - 2017

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9 semester units required with at least one course each from A1, A2 and A3. All courses must be completed with a grade of "C-" or better.
9 units minimum

A-1: Oral Communication

CMST A100, A110.

A-2: Written Communication

ENGL A100.

A-3: Critical Thinking

CMST A220, 240; ENGL A101, A101H, A102, A102H, A109; MATH A220; PHIL A150, A155, A220.


9 semester units required with at least one course each from Physical Science, Life Science and Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning. One Physical or Life Science course must include a laboratory experience (underlined). Courses in area B-4 must be completed with a grade of "C-" or better.
9 units minimum

B-1: Physical Science

ASTR A100, A100H, A100L, A101, A102, A103; CHEM A100, A110, A130, A180, A185, A220, A220L, A225, A225L; GEOG A130, A180, A180H, A180L, GEOL A105, A105H, A105L, A105M, A106, A110, A160, A185, A185L; MRSC A185, A185L; PHYS A110, A111, A120, A130, A185, A280, A285.

B-2: Life Science

ANTH A185, A185L; BIOL A100, A100H, A101, A115, A125, A180, A182, A182L, A183, A183L, A185, A210, A220, A221, A225, A283; ECOL A100; HORT A100; MRSC A100, A100H, A100L, A100M, A180, A180L, A187; PSYC A250.

B-3: Laboratory Activity

Students must select at least one laboratory experience (see underlined courses in areas B-1 and B-2).

B-4: Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning

MATH A100, A103, A104, A115, A120, A140, A155, A160, A170, A180, A180H, A182H, A185, A185H, A230, A235, A280, A280H, A285, A285H, A290H; PSYC A160.


9 semester units required with at least one course each in Arts and Humanities.
9 units minimum

C-1: Arts (Art, Cinema, Dance, Music, Theatre)

ARCH A290, A290H, A296, A296H; ART A100, A100H, A101H, A102, A103, A107, A108, A114, A115, A120, A125, A141, A142, A145, A147, A150, A263, A269; DANC A200; DMAD A150, A181; FILM A100, A150; HUM A100; ID A180, A190; MUS A100, A105, A115, A116, A139, A140, A143, A180; PHOT A120, A123, A130; THEA A100, A101, A105, A106, A110.

C-2: Humanities (Literature, Philosophy, Languages Other than English)

ANTH A190; CHIN A180, A185; CMST A110, A120, A150, A180; ENGL A119, A141, A141H, A143, A143H, A147, A147H, A148, A148H, A150, A150H, A151, A151H, A152, A152H, A156, A156H, A160, A160H, A161, A161H, A170, A170H, A172, A173, A173H, A176, A176H, A179, A181, A181H, A187, A187H, A270, A270H, A275, A275H; ETHS A100; FREN A180, A180H, A185, A185H, A280, A285; GRMN A180, A185, A280, A285; HIST A101, A161, A161H, A162, A162H, A180, A180H, A185, A185H; HUM A100, A101H; ITAL A180, A185, A280, A285; JAPN A180, A185, A185H, A280, A285; MATH A220; PHIL A100, A115, A118, A120, A125, A165, A185, A220; PORT A180, A185; RLST A100, A110, A115, A120, A130, A140, A150, A180; SPAN A160, A165, A180, A180H, A185, A185H, A280, A280H, A285; VIET A180, A185, A280, A285.


9 semester units required with courses in at least 2 disciplines. Students are expected to complete the American Institutions requirement in this section (courses identified in the American Institution section).
9 units minimum

D-1: Anthropology and Archaeology

ANTH A100, A100H, A102, A105, A110, A190, A280, A285; SOC A105.

D-2: Economics

ECON A100, A110, A170, A175.

D-3: Ethnic Studies

ANTH A150; ETHS A100, A150, A190; HIST A101, A150; SOC A150.

D-4: Gender Studies

CMST A165; GNDR A100, A130, A165, A187; HIST A176, A187; PSYC A105.

D-5: Geography

GEOG A100, A100H, A150, A185.

D-6: History

HIST A101, A145, A161, A161H, A162, A162H, A170, A170H, A175, A176, A175H, A180, A180H, A185, A185H, A195.

D-7: Interdisciplinary Social or Behavioral Science

ANTH A105; CMST A155; HLED A122; HMDV A180; PSYC A105, A130, A165; SOC A105.

D-8: Political Science, Government and Legal Institutions

PSCI A101, A110, A180, A180H, A185, A188, A190.

D-9: Psychology

PSYC A100, A100H, A185, A220, A260, A270.

D-0: Sociology and Criminology

SOC A100, A100H, A110, A185, A185H, A200.


3 semester units required, not all courses can be in physical activity.
3 units minimum

E-3: Non-Activity Courses

ANTH A105; CMST A100, A170; COUN A104, A105, A109, A110, A120, A135; ECON A110; EMS A100; FCS A180; FN A136, A140, A170; HLED A100, A112, A134, A136, A271; HMDV A180; KIN A271; PSYC A105, A110, A130, A140, A165, A200, A215; SOC A105.

E-2: Activity Courses

For a complete list of all approved PE activity courses for this area see area E.


CSU US History, Constitution, and American Ideals Courses

Students satisfy this CSU graduation requirement through coursework in three areas:
US 1: Historical Development of American Institutions and ideals.
US 2: United States Constitution and government.
US 3: California state and local government.
Select a combination of courses that fulfill the requirements for US 1, 2, and 3.
To verify historical and most current American Institutions course approvals visit:
HIST A170 - US 1
HIST A170H - US 1
HIST A175 - US 1
HIST A175H - US 1
PSCI A180 - US 2 & US 3
PSCI A180H - US 2 & US 3