Lower Division Requirements
Fall 2014 - Spring 2015

BA - Creative Arts

San José State University -to- Modesto Junior College

Community College students should meet with a counselor as soon as possible to determine the equivalent courses offered at that institution. Students should complete as many as possible of the lower division requirements listed below, prior to transfer.

Lower Division Course Requirements

Community College Course Equivalents

Nine (9) semester or fourteen (14) quarter units of lower division non-studio, non-activity courses in history or theory in three (3) disciplines selected from the following:

Art; Art History; Comparative Literature; Dance; Design; English; Music, RTVF/T (Television, Radio, Film and Theatre Arts), and others approved by the CAP Advisor (underlined), such as:
ART 042 Fiber ConceptsNo Current Equivalent
ARTH 010 Art AppreciationArt 160 Appreciation of Art
ARTH 011 Modern Art HistoryNo Current Equivalent
ARTH 070A Art History, Prehistoric to MedievalArt 164 History of Art 1 (*)
ARTH 070B Art History, Renaissance to ModernArt 165 History of Art 2
ARTH 070C Arts of AsiaNo Current Equivalent
ARTH 072 Design in SocietyNo Current Equivalent
ARTH 080 The Applied Arts in Interior DesignNo Current Equivalent
DANC 010 Dance AppreciationNo Current Equivalent
ENGL 010 Great Works of LiteratureENGL 102 Advanced Composition and Introduction to Literature
ENGL 022 Fantasy and Science FictionNo Current Equivalent
ENGL 040 Contemporary World FictionNo Current Equivalent
ENGL 056A English Literature to the Late 18th CenturyEngl 137 Survey of English Literature to the 18th Century
ENGL 056B English Literature Late 18th Century to PresentEngl 138 Survey of English Literature: 18th Century to Present
ENGL 068A American Literature to 1865Engl 135 Survey of American Literature to 1850
ENGL 068B American Literature 1865 to PresentEngl 136 Survey of American Literature: 1850 to the Present
ENGL 078 Introduction to Shakespeare's DramaEngl 163 Introduction to Shakespeare
MUSC 010A Music AppreciationMUSG 101 Music Appreciation
MUSC 012 Medieval and Renaissance MusicNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 019 Music in World CulturesNo Current Equivalent
MUSC 081 Concert Listening INo Current Equivalent
RTVF 082 Introduction to Film HistoryEngl 161 Film Appreciation
RTVF 030 Introduction to Film/TV ProductionNo Current Equivalent
RTVF 031 Film and Television AestheticsNo Current Equivalent
TA 010 Theatre AppreciationThetr 100 Introduction to Theatre Arts
TA 011 Script AnalysisNo Current Equivalent
TA 048 Voice & Movement for the ActorNo Current Equivalent

The Creative Arts Program is interdisciplinary. Lower division requirements of the Major include the following:

Six (6) semester or nine (9) quarter units of activity or studio courses in visual or performing arts or creative writing, such as the articulated equivalents of:

ART 012 Two-Dimensional Design and Color ConceptsArt 124 Color & Design 1 (*)
ART 013 Three-Dimensional Design ConceptsArt 125 Color & Design 2
ART 024 Drawing IART 120 Basic Drawing 1 (*)
ART 026 Drawing IINo Current Equivalent
ART 046 Introduction to Ceramics
approved by CAP Advisor
Art 108 Ceramics 1
ART 074 Introduction to Digital Media
approved by CAP Advisor
No Current Equivalent
DANC 040A Topics in Modern Dance INo Current Equivalent
DANC 042A Topics in Jazz Dance INo Current Equivalent
ENGL 071 Creative WritingEngl 105 Creative Writing: Poetry
Engl 106 Creative Writing: Short Fiction
TA 005 ActingTHETR 160 Fundamentals of Acting
TA 015 Voice and Diction
approved by CAP Advisor
No Current Equivalent
TA 017 Intermediate ActingThetr 161 Intermediate Acting
TA 048 Voice & Movement for the ActorNo Current Equivalent
TA 064 Make-up for Performing Arts
approved by CAP Advisor
THETR 174 Stage Makeup

WST Prerequisite:

Beginning Fall 2014 the prerequisite for the WST is the completion of the CSU GE A3 with a grade of C or better. All students are strongly encouraged to complete a second English composition course as part of their lower division GE prior to transferring to SJSU (either to meet CSU GE Area A3 or C2). In doing this students will be more prepared to pass the WST and 100W course at SJSU.
Once the following recommended course has been completed with a grade of C or better, students should contact our testing office: to register for the WST exam at SJSU (passing the WST prior to your first semester at SJSU will prevent delays in registration for upper division courses):
2nd English Composition/Critical Thinking Equivalent Transfer Course
any course approve for the IGETC Critical Thinking/Second semester English composition 1B area is highly recommended
PHILO 105 Reasoning
PHILO 107 Philosophy of Science
COMM 104 Argumentation (*)
ENGL 001B Composition 2ENGL 102 Advanced Composition and Introduction to Literature
ENGL 103 Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking

LDTP Approved Courses (*)

The following Modesto Junior College courses are approved for the following LDTP course descriptors shown on the right.
Art 164Survey of Art History from Prehistoric through Medieval Periods
Art 124Two-Dimensional Art Fundamentals
ART 120Introduction to Drawing
COMM 104Argumentation
LDTP courses are acceptable "in lieu of" each other.
LDTP courses are not necessarily "equivalent" or "identical" in content.


Prior to transferring to San Jose State University all transfers must earn at least 60 transferable semester units (90 quarter), including the CSU four basic skill courses required for CSU admission eligibility. Within those 60 semester/90 quarter units students are strongly encouraged to complete the following:

1. Lower Division Major Course Requirements (especially for STEM Majors):
Complete as many of the lower division courses required for the major as possible. Many of these courses may be double counted as part of the CSU GE-Breadth 39 semester unit requirements. These requirements are shown above.

2. General Education Requirements:
Complete all the CSU GE Breadth requirements at the community college (39 semester units/58 quarter units). The approved courses for each area can be found at under the link "CSU GE-Breadth Certification Courses" for your college. Many of these courses can be double counted to meet the major requirements shown above, so choose your courses wisely. Please see your college counselor/advisor to review your general education in order to receive FULL OR PARTIAL CERTIFICATION PRIOR TO TRANSFER to San Jose State University.

3. Second Semester English Composition highly recommended:
Complete the second semester English composition course (or equivalent) with a grade of "C" or better prior to registering for the WST and 100W course at SJSU. Approved courses can be found above within the lower division major requirements. Be sure to select this course as part of your CSU GE-Breadth 39 semester unit requirements. Once this course is complete, students are encouraged to take the WST exam at SJSU to avoid delays in enrollment for other SJSU required courses. To register for the WST contact our Testing office at

4. American Institutions Requirement (US 1, US 2, and US 3 must be completed):
This requirement is normally 2 courses and can be taken as part of your CSU GE-Breadth 39 semester unit requirements (GE Area D and sometimes Area C). The approved courses can be found at under the link "CSU US History, Constitution, and American Ideals Courses" for your college.