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Fullerton College

2020 - 2021

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Area A: English Language Communication and Critical Thinking

9 semester units required with at least one course each from A1, A2 and A3. All courses must be completed with a grade of "C-" or better.
9 units minimum

A-1: Oral Communication

BUS 112F.

A-2: Written Communication

ENGL 100F, 100HF, 101F, 110F.

A-3: Critical Thinking

ENGL 103HF, 104F, 201F; PHIL 170F, 172F; READ 142F.

Area B: Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning

9 semester units required with at least one course each from Physical Science, Life Science and Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning. One Physical or Life Science course must include a laboratory experience (underlined). Courses in area B-4 must be completed with a grade of "C-" or better.
9 units minimum

B-1: Physical Science

CHEM 100F, 101F, 103F, 107F, 111AF, 111BF; ESC 100F, 100LF, 101F, 101LF, 103F, 104F, 105F, 105LF, 107F, 110F, 116F, 116HF, 116LF, 120F, 130F or 130HF, 130LF, 190F; GEOG 102F, 102HF, 102LF; PHYS 120F, 130F, 205F, 206F, 210F, 211F, 222F, 223F.

B-2: Life Science

ANAT 231F, 240F; ANTH 101F or 101HF, 101LF; BIOL 100F, 101F or 101HF, 101LF, 102F, 102LF, 104F, 108F, 109F, 141F, 170F, 190F, 190LF, 222F, 266F, 268F, 272F, 274F; ENVS 105F, 105LF, 106F, 126F, 126FF; HORT 152F, 205F, 207F; MICR 220F, 262F.

B-3: Laboratory Activity

Students must select at least one laboratory experience (see underlined courses in areas B-1 and B-2).

B-4: Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning

BUS 101F, 151F; MATH 100F, 120F or 120HF, 121F, 129F, 130F, 141F, 141HF, 142F, 143F, 151F, 151HF, 152F, 152HF, 161HF, 170F, 171F, 172F, 251F, 252F, 255F, 260F; PSY 161F; SOSC 120F.

Area C: Arts and Humanities

9 semester units required with at least one course each in Arts and Humanities.
9 units minimum

C-1: Arts (Art, Cinema, Dance, Music, Theatre)

ART 100F, 110F, 112F, 113F, 113HF, 114F, 116F, 117F, 118F, 120F, 121F, 153F, 154F, 160F, 174F, 179F, 182F, 184F, 196HF, 211F, 212F, 213F; CRTV 120F, 121F, 126AF, 126BF, 131F; DANC 100F, 120F, 200F, 210F; ENGL 208F, 225HF, 240F; MUS 101F, 102F, 106F, 107F, 110F, 113F, 116F, 118F, 119F, 120F, 196HF; PHOT 101F, 111F; THEA 100F, 104F, 105F, 127F, 196HF.

C-2: Humanities (Literature, Philosophy, Languages Other than English)

CDES 242F; CHIN 101F, 102F, 203F, 204F; ENGL 105F, 203F, 204F, 207F, 210F, 211F, 211HF, 212F, 212HF, 221F, 221HF, 222F, 222HF, 224F, 224HF, 225F, 225HF, 234F or 234HF, 239F, 240F, 243F or 243HF, 245F, 246F, 248F, 249F, 251F; ETHS 130F; FREN 101F, 102F, 203F, 204F; GERM 101F, 102F, 203F, 204F; HIST 110F, 110HF, 111F, 111HF, 112F or 112HF, 113F or 113HF, 154F, 170, 170F, 170HF, 171, 171F, 171HF, 270F; ITAL 101F, 102F, 203F, 204F; JAPN 101F, 102F, 203F, 204F; PHIL 100F or 100HF, 101F, 105F or 105HF, 135F, 160F, 195F, 200F, 201F, 202F, 210F, 220F, 225F, 250F, 270F; PORT 101F, 102F; SPAN 101F, 101HF, 102F, 102HF, 201F, 203F, 204F, 205F, 206F, 207F; THEA 109F.

Area D: Social Sciences

6 semester units required with courses in at least 2 disciplines. Students are expected to complete the American Institutions requirement in this section (courses identified in the American Institution section).
6 units minimum

D--1: Sociology

BUS 100F, 131F, 162F; COMM 105F; ETHS 101F, 101HF, 111F, 159F, 235F, 235HF; SOC 280F, 285HF, 290HF, 292HF; SOSC 130F.

D-1: Anthropology and Archaeology

ANTH 102F, 102HF, 103F, 103HF, 105F, 107F, 107HF, 209F, 211F.

D-2: Economics

ECON 101F or 101HF, 102F or 102HF.

D-3: Ethnic Studies

ETHS 129F, 130F, 131F, 150F, 151F, 152F, 153F, 153HF, 160F, 170F, 171F; SOC 290F.

D-4: Gender Studies

SOC 225F, 225HF, 230F, 230HF; 230HF, WMNS 100F, 100HF.

D-5: Geography

GEOG 100F or 100HF, 120F, 130F, 160F, 262F.

D-6: History

HIST 110F or 110HF, 111F or 111HF, 112F or 112HF, 113F or 113HF, 127F, 151F, 152F, 154F, 160F, 161F, 165F, 165HF, 170F or 170HF, 171F or 171HF, 190F, 191F, 270F, 275F.

D-7: Interdisciplinary Social or Behavioral Science

CDES 120F; JOUR 110F, 110HF; PE 250F.

D-8: Political Science, Government and Legal Institutions

POSC 100F or 100HF, 110F, 110HF, 120,F 150F, 200F, 215F, 216F, 220F, 230F, 275F.

D-9: Psychology

PSY 101F or 101HF, 131F, 145F, 202F, 202HF, 221F, 222F, 251F or 251HF.

D-0: Sociology and Criminology

SOC 101F or 101HF, 102F, 201F, 225F or 225HF, 250F, 275F or 275HF, 277F, 277HF, 285F, 290F, 292F; SOSC 125F.

Area E: Lifelong Understanding and Self-Development

3 semester units required, not all courses can be in physical activity.
3 units minimum
CDES 120F; CIS 100F; COUN 135F, 151F, 163F; HED 140F; NUTR 210F, 210HF; PSY 120F, 139F; PE 247F, 248F, 266F; REC 107F, 108F; SPCH 120F; WELL 200F, 220F, 242F, 230F.
For a complete list of all approved PE activity courses for this area see pdf link at the top of the page.

Area F: Ethnic Studies

3 semester units required.
3 units minimum
No Course Approvals.

American Institutions (US-1-2-3)

To verify historical American Institutions course approvals visit:
ETHS 101F - US 1
ETHS 101HF - US 1
ETHS 130F - US 1
ETHS 131F - US 1
ETHS 152F - US 1
ETHS 160F - US 1
HIST 127F - US 1
HIST 162AF - US 1
HIST 162BF - US 1
HIST 170F - US 1
HIST 170HF - US 1
HIST 171F - US 1
HIST 171HF - US 1
HIST 190F - US 1
HIST 191F - US 1
HIST 270F - US 1
POSC 100F - US 2 & US 3
POSC 100HF - US 2 & US 3