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Lower Division Requirements
Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

BS - Computer Science

San José State University -to- CSU, Bakersfield

Community College students should meet with a counselor as soon as possible to determine the equivalent courses offered at that institution. Students should complete as many as possible of the lower division requirements listed below, prior to transfer.

Lower Division Course Requirements

Community College Course Equivalents

Note: This major accepts the AS-T in Computer Science (SB 1440 degree) for transfer. We recommend transfers complete the following articulated courses when course choices for the AS-T in Computer Science are available. We strongly encourage students to take courses which clear the American Institution requirement and 2nd semester/quarter of English composition as part of their CSU GE or IGETC requirements for the AS-T degree (doing so will increase greater choice in the 60 units of SJSU course work to be taken after transfer).

Lower Division Course Requirements: Please note the comments concerning the additional course in Science below.

Preparation for the Major:

MATH 030 Calculus IMath 201 Calculus I
MATH 030P Calculus I with PrecalculusNo Current Equivalent
MATH 031 Calculus IIMath 202 Calculus II
Math 203 Calculus III
MATH 032 Calculus IIIMath 203 Calculus III
Math 204 Calculus IV
MATH 042 Discrete MathematicsNo Current Equivalent
MATH 129A Linear Algebra INo Current Equivalent
All courses articulated with MATH 129A can be used to satisfy the MATH 129A requirement. All courses articulated with MATH 032 may be used to satisfy the BS requirement for MATH 032 or MATH 142 or MATH 161A. However, transferring students who satisfy both of these requirements with community college or other lower division courses will be able to use only upper division courses as electives toward the BS degree, due to the BS requirement of 34 units of upper division mathematics and computer science courses. In particular, such students may not use a community college course in Unix as a BS elective even if it is articulated with CS 072.
PHYS 050 General Physics/MechanicsPhys 221 Classical Physics I
PHYS 051 General Physics/Electricity and MagnetismPhys 222 Classical Physics II
Computer Science majors must complete one additional course of three (3) units or more in science. This course may be upper-division or lower-division. Any courses equivalent to the following may be used to satisfy this science requirement:
BIOL 001A Foundations of BiodiversityBIOL 201 Introductory Bioloy- Cells
BIOL 202 Introductory Biology- Animals
BIOL 203 Introductory Biology- Plants
BIOL 001B Foundations of Cell Biology & PhysiologyBIOL 201 Introductory Bioloy- Cells
BIOL 202 Introductory Biology- Animals
BIOL 203 Introductory Biology- Plants
PHYS 052 General Physics/Waves, Light, HeatPhys 223 Optics and Modern Physics
General Chemistry Equivalent Transfer Course
Note: This major only requires completion of one semester or two quarters of General Chemistry in lieu of CHEM 1A taken at SJSU.
Chem 211 Principles of Chemistry I
Chem 212 Principles of Chemistry II
Chem 213 Principles of General Chemistry III
Many students prefer to satisfy this additional course requirement after transferring to SJSU, because of the possibility of satisfying this requirement and another graduation requirement with a single course. Several SJSU courses will satisfy both this requirement and an upper-division GE requirement (see And CS 120A, Laboratory Electronics for Scientists I, satisfies this requirement and also counts as an elective upper division Computer Science course for the major.

Lower Division Requirements of the Major:

CS 046A Introduction to Programming
Note: Articulated courses to CS 46A may articulate to CS 49C if taught in C or C++ and not used for CS 46A (see SJSU major advisor after transfer).
CMPS 221 Programming Fundamentals
CS 046B Introduction to Data StructuresNo Current Equivalent
CS 047 Introduction to Computer SystemsNo Current Equivalent
CS 049C Programming in CNo Current Equivalent
CS 049J Programming in JavaNo Current Equivalent
Students whose 46A and 46B equivalencies do not use the Java language will likely need to take CS 49J at SJSU. Students who take 49J at SJSU will not be able to count a 49C equivalent toward the BSCS, unless this course is also their 46A equivalent. A single course in Java is unlikely to be equivalent to CS 49J. Students whose 46A and 46B equivalents use Java may need to take CS 49C at SJSU if they have not completed an equivalent of this course.

Elective Computer Science Course:

CS 072 Unix and Unix UtilitiesNo Current Equivalent
Please note that the Support for the Major and Requirements in the Major sections of the requirements for the BS - Computer Science at SJSU must include at least 34 units of upper division mathematics and computer science course work, excluding CS 100W and CS 110L. Therefore if you choose to take all of your lower division course work at the community college, including courses articulated to Math 032 and Math 129A (for content credit only), then you must take an upper division CS elective at SJSU rather than CS 072.

All students must satisfy the following prerequisite (or equivalent) prior to registering for the WST and 100W courses at SJSU {Academic Senate policy S05-8}.

Once the following course requirement is completed (earning a grade of C or better), students should contact to register for the WST exam at SJSU. Passing the WST prior to your first semester at SJSU will prevent delays in registering for upper division courses:
ENGL 001B Composition 2
A "C" or better is required in English 1B (a "C-" is not acceptable).
No Current Equivalent
2nd English Composition Equivalent Transfer CourseNo Current Equivalent
A course articulated to SJSU's English 1B is recommended, however any course approved for the IGETC second semester English composition area would be accepted to meet this requirement (a grade of "C" or better is required).


Prior to transferring to San José State University all transfers must earn at least 60 transferable semester units (90 quarter). Within those 60 semester/90 quarter units students are strongly encouraged to complete the following:

1. General Education Requirements:
Complete all the CSU GE Breadth requirements at the community college (39 semester units/58 quarter units). The approved courses for each area can be found at under the link "CSU GE-Breadth Certification Courses" for your college. Many of these courses can be double counted to meet the major requirements shown above, so choose your courses wisely. Please see your college counselor/advisor to review your general education in order to receive FULL OR PARTIAL CERTIFICATION PRIOR TO TRANSFER to San José State University.

2. Second Semester English Composition:
Complete the second semester English composition course (or equivalent) as it is a prerequisite to registering for the WST and 100W courses at SJSU. Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in this course (a "C-" is not acceptable). Approved courses can be found above within the lower division major requirements. Be sure to select this course as part of your CSU GE-Breadth 39 semester unit requirements. Once this course is complete, students are encouraged to take the WST exam at SJSU to avoid delays in enrollment for other SJSU required courses. To register for the WST contact our Testing office at

3. American Institutions Requirement (US 1, US 2, and US 3 must be completed):
This requirement is normally 2 courses and can be taken as part of your CSU GE-Breadth 39 semester unit requirements (GE Area D and sometimes Area C). The approved courses can be found at under the link "CSU US History, Constitution, and American Ideals Courses" for your college.

4. Physical Education Requirement:
Two courses are required and must include at least two different activities. Completion of these courses will clear the graduation requirement at SJSU.

5. Lower Division Major Course Requirements:
Complete as many of the lower division courses required for the major as possible. Many of these courses may be double counted as part of the CSU GE-Breadth 39 semester unit requirements. These requirements are shown above.