DSGD 063Fund Graphic Visuas01TR0830 1120
DSGD 063Fund Graphic Visuas02TR1230 1520
DSGD 083Digital Apps Basics01MW0830 1120
DSGD 083Digital Apps Basics02MW1230 1520
DSGD 083Digital Apps Basics03TR1530 1820
DSGD 099Intro to Typographs01MW0830 1120
DSGD 099Intro to Typographs02TR1530 1820
DSGD 099Intro to Typographs03TR1530 1820
DSGD 104Intro to Grph Dsgns01MW0830 1120
DSGD 104Intro to Grph Dsgns02MW1230 1520
DSGD 104Intro to Grph Dsgns03MW1530 1820
DSGD 104Intro to Grph Dsgns04MW0830 1120
DSGD 104Intro to Grph Dsgns05TR0830 1120
DSGD 104Intro to Grph Dsgns07TR1830 2120
DSGD 104Intro to Grph Dsgns08MW1530 1820
DSGD 105Intermed Grph Dsgns02MW1830 2120
DSGD 106Adv Graphic Designs03TR1230 1520
DSGD 107ASp Top Grphy Dsgns01MW1530 1820
DSGD 108Gr Des Portfolios01MW0830 1120
DSGD 108Gr Des Portfolios02MW1230 1520
DSGD 111Design Practicess01MW1230 1520
DSGD 111Design Practicess02MW1530 1820
DSGD 131Motion Graphicss04TR1530 1820
DSGD 132UI & Interaction Ds02MW1530 1820
DSGD 150GD Senior Studios03TR0830 1120
DSGD 150GD Senior Studios04TR1830 2120
DSGD 176AGr Des Hist/Theorys01TR0900 1015

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