MUSC 001AMusic Systems IAs01MW0930 1020
MUSC 001BMusic Systems IBs01MW1030 1120
MUSC 001BMusic Systems IBs02MW1030 1120
MUSC 003AMusic Systems IIIAs01TR1030 1120
MUSC 003BMusic Systems IIIBs01TR1130 1220
MUSC 003BMusic Systems IIIBs02TR1130 1220
MUSC 009Music Funds03MW0830 1020
MUSC 009Music Funds04TBATBA
MUSC 009Music Funds10TBATBA
MUSC 009Music Funds11TBATBA
MUSC 010AMusic Appreciations01MW0900 1015
MUSC 010AMusic Appreciations02TR0900 1015
MUSC 010AMusic Appreciations04MW1330 1445
MUSC 010AMusic Appreciations05TR1030 1145
MUSC 010AMusic Appreciations10TBATBA
MUSC 010AMusic Appreciations11TBATBA
MUSC 010AMusic Appreciations12TBATBA
MUSC 010AMusic Appreciations13TBATBA
MUSC 010BIntro to Musics01TR1030 1145
MUSC 010BIntro to Musics02MW0900 1015
MUSC 010BIntro to Musics03MW1030 1145
MUSC 013Music Techs01TR0930 1020
MUSC 019Mus Wrld Culturess01F1230 1500
MUSC 019Mus Wrld Culturess10TBATBA
MUSC 019Mus Wrld Culturess11TBATBA
MUSC 025APianoProf1s01TR0930 1020
MUSC 025APianoProf1s02TR0830 0920
MUSC 025CPianoProf3s01MW1230 1320
MUSC 026AVoice Fundamentalss01MW0830 0920
MUSC 027AFund Jazz KBD Is01TR0930 1020
MUSC 028Guitar Fundamentals01F1230 1420
MUSC 028Guitar Fundamentals03R1800 1950
MUSC 040AJazz Improv - Is01TR1030 1145
MUSC 040AJazz Improv - Is02TBATBA
MUSC 041AApplied Lyric Dicts01MW0830 0920
MUSC 050AConcertChoirs01MW1330 1520
MUSC 051Women's Choirs01TR1530 1620
MUSC 051Men's Choirs02MW1530 1620
MUSC 052ENS: OperaTheaters01TR1530 1720
MUSC 053ENS: UnivSymphOrchs01TR1330 1520
MUSC 054SymphBands01TR1330 1520
MUSC 055ENS: WindEnsembles01MW1330 1520
MUSC 056MarchBands01MWF1545 1800
MUSC 057JazzOrchs01TR1530 1720
MUSC 059AfroLatinJazzEnss01MW1330 1520
MUSC 060AChoralierss01TR1330 1520
MUSC 060CEnsChamberMusics01T1530 1720
MUSC 060FSmallJazzEnss01TBATBA
MUSC 060FSmallJazzEnss02TBATBA
MUSC 060HPercEnss01F1030 1220
MUSC 060IEnsJazzEnsembles01F1230 1420
MUSC 060JStringEnss01F1530 1730
MUSC 060KBrassEnss01F1030 1220
MUSC 060LWoodwindEnss01F1030 1220
MUSC 060LWoodwindEnss02TBATBA
MUSC 060MSaxophoneEnss01T1900 2100
MUSC 060OTromboneEnss01F0830 1020
MUSC 061StylesIntrpOpera1s01TBATBA
MUSC 063StylesIntrpOpera2s01TBATBA
MUSC 081Concert Listening s01TR1230 1320
MUSC 100WWriting Workshops01MW0900 1015
MUSC 103Form & Analysiss01TR0900 1015
MUSC 104Counterpoints01MW1200 1315
MUSC 106AJazz Arranging Is01MW1030 1120
MUSC 110Bar/Class Mus Hists01MW0900 1015
MUSC 120Worlds of Jazzs01MW1030 1145
MUSC 120Worlds of Jazzs03TR1200 1315
MUSC 120Worlds of Jazzs10TBATBA
MUSC 122AFund Tech Woodwndss01TR1130 1220
MUSC 123AFund Tech Brasss01MW1030 1120
MUSC 127AFund Tech Stringss01TR0800 0850
MUSC 129CElecAcous7s03TBATBA
MUSC 139BImprovCompArr 6s04TBATBA
MUSC 139CImprovCompArr 7s02TBATBA
MUSC 144REP:Solo Lit Perf s01M1530 1720
MUSC 144REP:Solo Lit Perf s02W1530 1720
MUSC 146APedagogy Pianos01TR1330 1420
MUSC 147ABegin Conductings01MW1200 1315
MUSC 147ABegin Conductings02TBATBA
MUSC 147ABegin Conductings03MW1200 1315
MUSC 147ABegin Conductings04TBATBA
MUSC 150AENS: Concert Choirs01MW1330 1520
MUSC 151Women's Choirs01TR1530 1620
MUSC 151Men's Choirs02MW1530 1620
MUSC 152ENS: Opera Theaters01TR1530 1720
MUSC 153ENS:UnivSymphOrches01TR1330 1520
MUSC 154ENS: Symphonic Bans01TR1330 1520
MUSC 155ENS: Wind Ensembles01MW1330 1520
MUSC 156ENS: Spartan Marchs01MWF1545 1800
MUSC 157ENS: Jazz Orchs01TR1530 1720
MUSC 159ENS: Afro-Latin Jas01MW1330 1520
MUSC 160AENS: Choralierss01TR1330 1520
MUSC 160CEnsChamberMusics01T1530 1720
MUSC 160FENS: Small Jazz Ens01TBATBA
MUSC 160FENS: Small Jazz Ens02TBATBA
MUSC 160HENS: Percuss Ensems01F1030 1220
MUSC 160IEnsJazzEnsembles01F1230 1420
MUSC 160JENS: String Ensembs01F1530 1730
MUSC 160KENS: Brass Ensembls01F1030 1220
MUSC 160LENS: Woodwind Enses01F1030 1220
MUSC 160LENS: Woodwind Enses02TBATBA
MUSC 160MENS: Saxophone Enss01T1900 2100
MUSC 160OTrombone Ensembles01F0830 1020
MUSC 161REP: Styles Interps01TBATBA
MUSC 163REP: Styles Intrp s01TBATBA
MUSC 166Physics of Musics01TR1030 1145
MUSC 167Electro- Acoustic s01W1530 1815
MUSC 170AFund Sound Recordgs01M1900 2145
MUSC 172Arts in US Societys01T1500 1615
MUSC 172Arts in US Societys02MW1330 1445
MUSC 181Concert Listening s01TR1230 1320
MUSC 182Senior Projects01TBATBA
MUSC 200Meth Mus Res Writs02M1600 1845
MUSC 203Sem in Styl & Perfs02W1600 1845

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