RELS 010AElementary Hebrews01TR1030 1145
RELS 070AWestern Religionss01MW1200 1315
RELS 070BEastern Religionss01MW0730 0845
RELS 090Bible Hist and Lits01TR0900 1015
RELS 090Bible Hist and Lits02W1630 1915
RELS 099Death Dying & Relss01M1630 1915
RELS 099Death Dying & Relss02W1630 1915
RELS 100WWriting Humanitiess01MW1330 1445
RELS 100WWriting Humanitiess02F1300 1545
RELS 104Asian Philosophys01MW1200 1315
RELS 104Asian Philosophys03TR1330 1445
RELS 104Asian Philosophys04TBATBA
RELS 109Phil of Religions01TR1200 1315
RELS 114Legacy of Asias01TR0900 1015
RELS 114Legacy of Asias02TR1630 1745
RELS 122Magic Science Relis01TBATBA
RELS 122Magic Science Relis02F1000 1245
RELS 131Gender Sex & Relgns01MW1330 1445
RELS 134Religion, Film ands01TBATBA
RELS 142Buddhisms02MW1500 1615
RELS 180Indiv Studiess01TBATBA
RELS 184Directed Readings01TBATBA
RELS 190Sr Sem in Hums01F1000 1245
RELS 190Sr Sem in Hums02MW1030 1145
RELS 191Relig in Americas01MW1200 1315
RELS 191Relig in Americas02MW0900 1015

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