EDCO 004Career Explorations01TR0900 1015
EDCO 004Career Explorations02TR1030 1145
EDCO 004Career Explorations03MW1030 1145
EDCO 004Career Explorations04MW1200 1315
EDCO 004Career Explorations05TR1200 1315
EDCO 004Career Explorations07WF0900 1015
EDCO 215Intro to Counss01M1600 1845
EDCO 215Intro to Counss02T1600 1845
EDCO 215Intro to Counss03W1600 1845
EDCO 218Couns Processs01M1900 2145
EDCO 218Couns Processs03W1900 2145
EDCO 218Couns Processs05T1900 2145
EDCO 221Research Couns Eds01T1600 1845
EDCO 221Research Couns Eds03T1900 2145
EDCO 227Sch Fam Comms02R1900 2145
EDCO 232Law & Ethics Counss03R1600 1845
EDCO 232Law & Ethics Counss04W1600 1845
EDCO 244Cultural Counss02T1600 1845
EDCO 248Dyn Behavior & Devs01W1900 2145
EDCO 248Dyn Behavior & Devs03R1900 2145
EDCO 266Ed & Career Plans01M1900 2145
EDCO 267Pract LS CDs01T1600 1845
EDCO 268Lifespan Devs01W1600 1845
EDCO 279Adv Group Processs01W1900 2145
EDCO 280MulticulturalCounss01W1600 1845
EDCO 283Adv Ed Assesss02W1900 2145
EDCO 285Trauma Counss01T1900 2145
EDCO 286Org Change & Devs02R1900 2145
EDCO 287Comp School Counss01R1900 2145
EDCO 288Sem Couns Th Pracs01M1600 1845
EDCO 288Sem Couns Th Pracs02W1600 1845
EDCO 289Sem Prof Counss01M1900 2145
EDCO 289Sem Prof Counss02R1600 1845
EDCO 292Supv Exp Counss01TBATBA
EDCO 292Supv Exp Counss02TBATBA
EDCO 292Supv Exp Counss03TBATBA
EDCO 292Supv Exp Counss04TBATBA
EDCO 292Supv Exp Counss05TBATBA
EDCO 292Supv Exp Counss06TBATBA
EDCO 292Supv Exp Counss07TBATBA
EDCO 292Supv Exp Counss08TBATBA
EDCO 292Supv Exp Counss09TBATBA
EDCO 292Supv Exp Counss10TBATBA
EDCO 298Spec Stud Couns Eds01TBATBA
EDCO 298Spec Stud Couns Eds02TBATBA
EDCO 298Spec Stud Couns Eds03TBATBA
EDCO 298Spec Stud Couns Eds04TBATBA
EDCO 299Master's Thesiss01TBATBA

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