LING 020Nature of Languages02TR1330 1445
LING 021Langu and Thinkings01MW0900 1015
LING 021Langu and Thinkings02MW1030 1145
LING 021Langu and Thinkings03MW1200 1315
LING 021Langu and Thinkings04MW1330 1445
LING 021Langu and Thinkings06TR1030 1145
LING 021Langu and Thinkings07TR1200 1315
LING 021Langu and Thinkings08TR1330 1445
LING 021Langu and Thinkings80TBATBA
LING 021Langu and Thinkings81TBATBA
LING 021Langu and Thinkings99TBATBA
LING 024Language Variations01MW0900 1015
LING 024Language Variations03TR0900 1015
LING 024Language Variations81TBATBA
LING 024Language Variations99TBATBA
LING 101Intro to Lings01W1800 2045
LING 107Patterns Englishs01MW1030 1145
LING 107Patterns Englishs02MW1330 1445
LING 107Patterns Englishs03TR1030 1145
LING 107Patterns Englishs04TR1500 1615
LING 108Sec Lang Dev/Teachs01TR1030 1145
LING 111Ling Phoneticss01TR1200 1315
LING 112Intro to Syntaxs01MW1500 1615
LING 113Intro to Phonologys01TR1630 1745
LING 115Corpus Linguisticss01MW1030 1145
LING 122English World Langs01MW1030 1145
LING 123Sound Comms01MW0900 1015
LING 123Sound Comms02MW1030 1145
LING 123Sound Comms03MW1200 1315
LING 123Sound Comms04MW1330 1445
LING 123Sound Comms05MW1630 1745
LING 123Sound Comms06TR0900 1015
LING 123Sound Comms07TR1030 1145
LING 123Sound Comms08TR1200 1315
LING 123Sound Comms09TR1330 1445
LING 123Sound Comms10TR1500 1615
LING 125Intr Hist Comp Lngs01TR1200 1315
LING 129Cult/Lg/Ethn/ in Us03TR0900 1015
LING 165Intro Nat Lg Procs01MW1200 1315
LING 166Socling Crossculs01TR1500 1615
LING 202ASyntactic Theorys01MW1330 1445
LING 213Ling Field Methodss01MW1630 1745
LING 298Spec Studiess01TBATBA
LING 299Thesiss01TBATBA

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