ANTH 011Cultural Anthros03MW1030 1145
ANTH 011Cultural Anthros04MW1630 1745
ANTH 011Cultural Anthros05TR1630 1745
ANTH 011Cultural Anthros80TBATBA
ANTH 012Intro to Human Evos01MW1200 1315
ANTH 012Intro to Human Evos02TR1630 1745
ANTH 012Intro to Human Evos03TR0900 1015
ANTH 012Intro to Human Evos04MW1630 1745
ANTH 025Human Life Contexts01MW1030 1145
ANTH 100WWriting Workshops01MW1200 1315
ANTH 105Applied Anthros01MW0900 1015
ANTH 107Anth Foods01MW0900 1015
ANTH 115Global Cultures01MW1500 1615
ANTH 115Global Cultures02TR0900 1015
ANTH 115Global Cultures03TR1330 1445
ANTH 115Global Cultures80TBATBA
ANTH 122Magic Science Relis80TBATBA
ANTH 122Magic Science Relis81TBATBA
ANTH 125Urban Anths01TR1630 1745
ANTH 136Thought Controls02TR1500 1615
ANTH 137CA Hist Soc Sci Pes01TR0900 1015
ANTH 137CA Hist Soc Sci Pes02TR1030 1145
ANTH 138US Hist Soc Sci Pes01T1630 1915
ANTH 139World History for s01R1630 1915
ANTH 140Human Sexualitys01TR1030 1145
ANTH 140Human Sexualitys02TR1200 1315
ANTH 140Human Sexualitys03MW1200 1315
ANTH 146Culture & Conflicts01W1800 2045
ANTH 151Modernity/Diseases01TR1200 1315
ANTH 157Forensic Anthros01W1500 1745
ANTH 159Mummiess01TR0900 1015
ANTH 160Recon Lost Civss01T1800 2045
ANTH 160Recon Lost Civss02MW1330 1445
ANTH 160Recon Lost Civss03TR1500 1615
ANTH 164Prehist North Amers01TR1030 1145
ANTH 168Archaeological Mets01TR1330 1445
ANTH 180Individual Studiess01TBATBA
ANTH 180Individual Studiess02TBATBA
ANTH 180Individual Studiess03TBATBA
ANTH 191Frontiers Anthros01MW1330 1445
ANTH 193Beh Science in Pras01MW1330 1445
ANTH 195Anthro Practicums01TBATBA
ANTH 195Anthro Practicums02TBATBA
ANTH 232Applications Cores01W1800 2045
ANTH 234Adv Research Methds01R1800 2045
ANTH 235Quantitative Methss01T1800 2045
ANTH 280Individual Studiess01TBATBA
ANTH 280Individual Studiess02TBATBA
ANTH 280Individual Studiess03TBATBA
ANTH 280Individual Studiess04TBATBA
ANTH 298Anth Projects01TBATBA
ANTH 298Anth Projects02TBATBA
ANTH 298Anth Projects03TBATBA
ANTH 299Master's Thesiss01TBATBA
ANTH 299Master's Thesiss02TBATBA
ANTH 299Master's Thesiss03TBATBA

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