MATE 025Intro to Materialss01MW1630 1745
MATE 025Intro to Materialss02MW0900 1015
MATE 129Intro IC Proc Desgs01R1630 1820
MATE 129Intro IC Proc Desgs03T1800 2045
MATE 135Intro Composite Mas01TR1330 1445
MATE 141Strctr Analys Matls01TR1330 1445
MATE 143Prin Scng Micrscpys01M1330 1615
MATE 144XRD Labs02F1330 1615
MATE 145Princ Scnng Probess01F0900 1145
MATE 151Solid State Thermos01MW1030 1145
MATE 152Solid State Kins01TR0900 1015
MATE 153EO&M Props Solidss01TR1630 1720
MATE 153EO&M Props Solidss02T0900 1145
MATE 153EO&M Props Solidss03T1330 1615
MATE 153EO&M Props Solidss04T1800 2045
MATE 153EO&M Props Solidss05R0900 1145
MATE 153EO&M Props Solidss06W1200 1445
MATE 153EO&M Props Solidss07R1800 2045
MATE 154Metals and Alloyss01M1500 1650
MATE 154Metals and Alloyss02W1500 1745
MATE 155Matls Select Desgns02MW1200 1315
MATE 168Microfluidics Labs01R1330 1615
MATE 180Ind Studiess01TBATBA
MATE 180Ind Studiess02TBATBA
MATE 186Polymerss01TR1030 1145
MATE 195CInter Sr Proj Is01W1800 2045
MATE 195DInter Sr Proj IIs01T1800 2045
MATE 197Co-op Ed Projects01R1800 2045
MATE 198BSr Design Projs01F0900 0950
MATE 198BSr Design Projs02TBATBA
MATE 199Special Topics ChEs01T1800 2045
MATE 220Pr in Apps ElecChes02R1630 1920
MATE 232Plasma Procsg Matls02W1800 2050
MATE 241Advncd Mthds Matl s01M1800 2045
MATE 281Thesis Prep Sems01F1500 1745
MATE 298MS Res Projects01TBATBA
MATE 298MS Res Projects02TBATBA
MATE 298MS Res Projects03F1500 1745
MATE 299Master's Thesiss01TBATBA
MATE 299Master's Thesiss02TBATBA
MATE 299Master's Thesiss03F1500 1745

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