HIST 001AWorld History to 1s01TR1030 1145
HIST 001BWorld History froms01MW0900 1015
HIST 010AWestern Civilizatns01MW1200 1315
HIST 010BWestern Civilizatns01MW1500 1615
HIST 010BWestern Civilizatns02TR0900 1015
HIST 015AEssen. US Historys01MW1500 1615
HIST 015AEssen. US Historys02TR1500 1615
HIST 015AEssen. US Historys03TR0730 0845
HIST 015AEssen. US Historys05MW1030 1145
HIST 015AEssen. US Historys06TR1200 1315
HIST 015AEssen. US Historys07TR1030 1145
HIST 015AEssen. US Historys08MW0900 1015
HIST 015AEssen. US Historys09TR0900 1015
HIST 015AEssen. US Historys80TBATBA
HIST 015BEssen. US & CA Govs01MW1330 1445
HIST 015BEssen. US & CA Govs03R1800 2045
HIST 015BEssen. US & CA Govs07TR1330 1445
HIST 015BEssen. US & CA Govs10MW1500 1615
HIST 015BEssen. US & CA Govs13TR1200 1315
HIST 015BEssen. US & CA Govs14TR1500 1615
HIST 020AHist of Amer Peopls80TBATBA
HIST 020BHist of Amer Peopls01MW1030 1145
HIST 050Historical Processs01F0930 1215
HIST 099History Fundamentas01MW0730 0845
HIST 100WHistory Writers' s01TR1330 1445
HIST 100WHistory Writers' s02M1630 1915
HIST 102Historiographys01MW1500 1615
HIST 102Historiographys02F1230 1515
HIST 109BHist Chinas01TR1330 1445
HIST 113BEcon Hist Europes01TR1030 1145
HIST 114Ancient Wests01TR1200 1315
HIST 126Witchcraft & Magics01MW1330 1445
HIST 132Military History ss01TR1030 1145
HIST 137CA Hist Soc Sci Pes01TR1030 1145
HIST 138US Hist Soc Sci Pes01T1630 1915
HIST 139Wrl Hist Soc Sci Ps01R1630 1915
HIST 143Europe, 1750-1900s01MW1030 1145
HIST 146Soviet Unions02TR1200 1315
HIST 15520th Century Worlds01MW0900 1015
HIST 15520th Century Worlds02MW1030 1145
HIST 15520th Century Worlds03MW1330 1445
HIST 170Race and Gender ins01MW1200 1315
HIST 170Race and Gender ins02MW1630 1745
HIST 170STopics Am Historys80TBATBA
HIST 170STopics Am Historys81TBATBA
HIST 176Civil War & Recons01MW1030 1145
HIST 178U.S. 1920-1950s01TR1030 1145
HIST 181Native American Exs01MW1200 1315
HIST 210AColloq Colon Ams01W1800 2045
HIST 220Colloq World Hists01W1800 2045
HIST 221Sem in World Hists01M1800 2045
HIST 283Sem Calif and Wests01R1800 2045
HIST 298Spec Studiess01TBATBA

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