EE 030Intr PRGM MC EEs01MW1500 1550
EE 030Intr PRGM MC EEs02M1800 2045
EE 030Intr PRGM MC EEs03W1800 2045
EE 097Intro EE Labs01R1800 2045
EE 097Intro EE Labs02T0900 1145
EE 097Intro EE Labs03T1330 1615
EE 097Intro EE Labs04R1330 1615
EE 097Intro EE Labs05F0900 1145
EE 098Intro Ckt Analysiss01TR1030 1145
EE 098Intro Ckt Analysiss02MW1030 1145
EE 098Intro Ckt Analysiss03TR1330 1445
EE 101Cir/Conc &Prob Sos01R1400 1600
EE 102Prob/Stat in EEs01MW1030 1145
EE 106Fund Mechatro Engrs01MW1930 2020
EE 106Fund Mechatro Engrs02TR0900 0950
EE 106Fund Mechatro Engrs03T1330 1615
EE 106Fund Mechatro Engrs04W1800 2045
EE 106Fund Mechatro Engrs05R1330 1615
EE 106Fund Mechatro Engrs06R1800 2045
EE 106Fund Mechatro Engrs07F0900 1145
EE 106Fund Mechatro Engrs08F1330 1615
EE 106Fund Mechatro Engrs09T1800 2045
EE 110Circuits and Systes01MW1500 1615
EE 110LC and D Sys Labs02F0900 1145
EE 110LC and D Sys Labs03F0900 1145
EE 110LC and D Sys Labs04F1330 1615
EE 110LC and D Sys Labs05F1330 1615
EE 112Signal Processings01MW1630 1745
EE 118Dig Lgc Crt Dsgns01MW1030 1145
EE 118Dig Lgc Crt Dsgns02R0900 1145
EE 118Dig Lgc Crt Dsgns03R1800 2045
EE 118Dig Lgc Crt Dsgns04T0900 1145
EE 118Dig Lgc Crt Dsgns05T1330 1615
EE 118Dig Lgc Crt Dsgns06R1330 1615
EE 120Microp Sys Designs01MW1330 1445
EE 120Microp Sys Designs02T1330 1615
EE 120Microp Sys Designs03R1030 1315
EE 120Microp Sys Designs04R1330 1615
EE 120Microp Sys Designs05W1800 2045
EE 120Microp Sys Designs07R1630 1915
EE 122Electr Design Is01TR0900 1015
EE 122Electr Design Is02T1800 2045
EE 122Electr Design Is03T1330 1615
EE 122Electr Design Is04T1030 1315
EE 122Electr Design Is05R1030 1315
EE 122Electr Design Is06R1330 1615
EE 124Electr Design IIs01MW0900 1015
EE 124Electr Design IIs02R1330 1615
EE 124Electr Design IIs03R1800 2045
EE 124Electr Design IIs04T1800 2045
EE 124Electr Design IIs05R1030 1315
EE 127Elec Biomed Appls01TR1500 1615
EE 128Phys Electronicss01TR1030 1145
EE 129Intro IC Proc Desgs01R1630 1820
EE 129Intro IC Proc Desgs03T1800 2045
EE 132Theo Auto Controlss01MW1330 1445
EE 134Power Systemss02F1500 1745
EE 136Power Electronicss01TR1630 1745
EE 138Embd Cntrl Sys Dess01TR1800 1915
EE 140Prin of E & M Fldss01TR0900 1015
EE 161Digital Comm Syss01TR1330 1445
EE 166CMOS Dgtl Circuitss03TR1930 2045
EE 168Microfluidics Labs01R1330 1615
EE 174INT ALG PR EBD SYSs01MW1930 2045
EE 178Dig Design w FPGASs01TR1930 2045
EE 180Indiv Studiess01TBATBA
EE 180Indiv Studiess02TBATBA
EE 180Indiv Studiess03TBATBA
EE 195CInter Sr Proj Is01W1800 2045
EE 195DInter Sr Proj IIs01T1800 2045
EE 197Co-op Ed Projects01R1800 2045
EE 198AEE Sr Dsgn Proj Is01F1000 1245
EE 198AEE Sr Dsgn Proj Is02F1000 1245
EE 198AEE Sr Dsgn Proj Is03F1000 1245
EE 198BEE Sr Dsgn Proj IIs01F1330 2215
EE 198BEE Sr Dsgn Proj IIs02F1330 2215
EE 198BEE Sr Dsgn Proj IIs03F1330 2215
EE 209Network Securitys01T1800 2045
EE 209Network Securitys03MW1630 1745
EE 209Network Securitys04TR1500 1615
EE 210Linear Systemss01TR1330 1445
EE 210Linear Systemss02TR1930 2045
EE 221Prin of Semi Dev Is01TR1500 1615
EE 221Prin of Semi Dev Is02MW1630 1745
EE 223Analog Int Cktss01TR1630 1745
EE 224Hi Speed CMOS Cktss01MW1930 2045
EE 230RFIC IIs02MW1800 1915
EE 237Ctrl of AC Machines02F1530 1815
EE 238Adv. Pwr. Electrncs01TR1800 1915
EE 242Embedded Hardware s01MW1500 1615
EE 250Prob Ran Vari & Sts01MW1500 1615
EE 250Prob Ran Vari & Sts03MW1800 1915
EE 253Signal Processings01MW1630 1745
EE 255Wireless Comms01TR1930 2045
EE 270Adv Logic Designs02TR1630 1745
EE 271Digital Sys Designs01MW1800 1915
EE 272SOC DESIGNs01MW1930 2045
EE 275Adv Comp Architects01MW1630 1745
EE 279Topics in Digitals01TR1800 1915
EE 281Internetworkings01TR1630 1745
EE 283Broadband Comm Nts01MW1630 1745
EE 283Broadband Comm Nts02MW1330 1445
EE 284Voice & Data Nets01MW1930 2045
EE 287ASIC CMOS Designs01MW1800 1915
EE 289Topics in Networkgs01TR1800 1915
EE 295Technical Writings01TR1030 1145
EE 295Technical Writings02TR1330 1445
EE 295Technical Writings03MW1500 1615
EE 295Technical Writings04TR1630 1745
EE 296AEmbedded SoC Des.s01F1400 1645
EE 297AMSEE Project Propos01F1230 2100
EE 297AMSEE Project Propos02F1230 2100
EE 297AMSEE Project Propos03F1230 2100
EE 297AMSEE Project Propos04F1230 2100
EE 297AMSEE Project Propos05F1230 2100
EE 297AMSEE Project Propos06S1230 2100
EE 297BMSEE Projects01S1230 2100
EE 297BMSEE Projects02S1230 2100
EE 297BMSEE Projects03S1230 2100
EE 297BMSEE Projects04S1230 2100
EE 297BMSEE Projects05S1230 2100
EE 297BMSEE Projects06S1230 2100
EE 297BMSEE Projects07S1230 2100
EE 297BMSEE Projects08S1230 2100
EE 297BMSEE Projects09S1230 2100
EE 297BMSEE Projects10S1230 2100
EE 297BMSEE Projects11S1230 2100
EE 297BMSEE Projects12S1230 2100
EE 297BMSEE Projects13S1230 2100
EE 297BMSEE Projects14S1230 2100
EE 297BMSEE Projects15S1230 2100
EE 298Spec Probs01TBATBA
EE 298Spec Probs02TBATBA
EE 298IEE Internship Expes01TBATBA
EE 298IEE Internship Expes02TBATBA
EE 298IEE Internship Expes03TBATBA
EE 299AMSEE Thesis Proposs01TBATBA

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