ARTH 015Visual Cultures01MW1030 1145
ARTH 015Visual Cultures02MW1200 1315
ARTH 070BArt Hist Ren-Mods01MW1330 1445
ARTH 070BArt Hist Ren-Mods02MW1630 1745
ARTH 070BArt Hist Ren-Mods03TR1200 1315
ARTH 072Design in Societys01F0930 1215
ARTH 072Design in Societys02MW1500 1615
ARTH 072Design in Societys03TR1500 1615
ARTH 072Design in Societys04MW1630 1745
ARTH 110Hst/Thry New Medias01TR1330 1445
ARTH 110Hst/Thry New Medias02TR1030 1145
ARTH 126History of Photos01TR1030 1145
ARTH 160Modern Architecturs01MW1200 1315
ARTH 176AGr Des Hist/Theorys01TR0900 1015
ARTH 176AGr Des Hist/Theorys02MW0900 1015
ARTH 178Arth Field Works01TBATBA
ARTH 178Arth Field Works02TBATBA
ARTH 180Indiv Studies ArtHs01TBATBA
ARTH 180Indiv Studies ArtHs03TBATBA
ARTH 181Sp Top Art Historys01TR1200 1315
ARTH 183BIslamic 7th C-13ths01MW1500 1615
ARTH 188BNorth Ren 16 Cents01MW1330 1445
ARTH 189ABaroque: Italy ands01MW1030 1145
ARTH 193AWorlds Art/Cultures01TR0900 1015
ARTH 193AWorlds Art/Cultures02TR1500 1615
ARTH 193BEast West in Arts01MW0900 1015
ARTH 272Word and Images01T1500 1745
ARTH 279Research & Fields s01W1500 1745
ARTH 291Grad Prob Art Hists01TBATBA

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