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General Education (GE) - CORE (Basic Skills and Basic Knowledge of an Educated Person)

Core GE Courses (Basic Skills and Basic Knowledge of an Educated Person)

Students must complete 39 units of Core GE courses.

First Year Experience Courses (FYE)

Courses with the suffix Q are intended for first time freshmen only and can be taken in the first semester at SJSU.

Basic Skills

9 units
Complete one course each in Oral Communication, Written Communication 1A, and Critical Thinking.

Oral Communication (A1)
Oral Communication courses should cultivate an understanding of the social, psychological, political and practical significance of communication, with special emphasis on the roles of public communication in a free society.
COMM 020Public Speaking
COMM 020NPublic Speaking for Nonnative Speakers
COMM 040Argumentation & Advocacy
COMM 096PSPublic Speaking
HUM 001A-BBackground of Western Culture & Society
HUM 002A-BModern Culture & Social Institutions
MAS 074Public Address
Written Communication IA (A2)
Students must satisfy the English Placement Test requirement prior to enrollment.
Written communication 1A courses should cultivate an understanding of the writing process and the goals, dynamics, and genres of written communication, with special attention to the nature of writing at the university.
ENGL 001AComposition I
HUM 001A-BBackground of Western Culture & Society
HUM 002A-BModern Culture & Social Institutions
Critical Thinking (A3)
Critical thinking courses should help students learn to recognize, analyze, evaluate, and produce reasoning.
COMM 041Critical Decision Making
ENGL 007Critical Thinking
HIST 050Historical Process: Understanding Historical Reasoning
HUM 001A-BBackground of Western Culture & Society
HUM 002A-BModern Culture & Social Institutions
LING 021Language & Thinking
PHIL 057Logic & Critical Reasoning
POLS 020Controversial Legal Issues

Science and Mathematical Concepts

9 units
Complete at least one 3-unit course in Physical Science, Life Science, and Mathematical Concepts.
At least one lab course (L) must be included.

Physical Science (B1)
In Science courses, students should master sufficiently essential quantitative and qualitative skills that are necessary to understand scientific knowledge and methods. Students should be able to incorporate scientific knowledge into the workplace and everyday life experiences.
ASTR 010Descriptive Astronomy
CHEM 030A (L)Introductory Chemistry
CHEM/PHYS 035 (L)Introduction to Physical Sciences
ENGR 005Science of High Technology
GEOG 001Geography of Natural Environments
GEOL 001 (L)General Geology
GEOL 003Planet Earth
GEOL 006Geology of California
GEOL 007 (L)Earth, Time & Life
METR 010Weather & Climate
METR 012Global Warming
NUFS 001APhysical Science of Foods
PHYS 001Elementary Physics
Life Science (B2)
ANTH 012Introduction to Human Evolution
BIOL 010The Living World
BIOL 020 (L)Ecological Biology
BIOL 021 (L)Human Biology
ENVS 010Life on a Changing Planet
NUFS 016Science, Physiology, & Nutrition
UNVS 096GBGlobal Citizenship: A Life Science Perspective
Laboratory Science (B3)
The following courses meet the Lab requirement only.
ASTR 102 (L)Astronomy Lab (1 unit)
BIOL 150/GEOL 150 (L)Fld Stds Nat Hist (1-2 units)
GEOL 004L (L)Planet Earth Lab
PHYS 001L (L)Elem Phys Lab (1 unit)

Intensive Science

Non-science majors who desire a more intensive plan of courses to satisfy Core GE may submit a petition to the Associate Dean of the College of Science, SCI 127. Majors who require and have completed the Intensive science courses listed will be allowed to use these courses to fulfill the requirement in B2, B3 (BIOL 1A, BIOL 1B, BIOL 65, BIOL 66) or B1, B3 (CHEM 1A, Chem 1B, PHYS 2A, PHYS 2B, PHYS 50, PHYS 51, PHYS 52, MATE 25). For more details, go to

Mathematical Concepts (B4)
Mathematical concepts courses enable students to use numerical and graphical data in personal and professional judgments and in coping with public issues. You must satisfy the Entry Level Mathematics requirement prior to enrollment in one course from the following:
HS 067Introductory Health Statistics
MATH 008College Algebra
MATH 010Mathematics for General Education
MATH 012Number Systems
MATH 019Precalculus
PHIL 009Math & Logic for General Education
SOCI/SOCS 015Statistical Applications in the Social Sciences
STAT 095Elementary Statistics
UNVS 015CStatway C: Statistics-Concepts & Methods

Intensive Math

Students who have not completed a course satisfying Area B4, and who have completed MATH 030, MATH 030P, MATH 031, MATH 032, MATH 070, or MATH 071, with a grade of "C" or better ("C-" not included) will be allowed to use one of these courses to fulfill the Area B4 requirement.

Humanities & Arts

9 units
Complete one course each in Arts, Humanities, and Written Communication 1B.
Arts and Letters courses should give students knowledge and understanding of significant works of the human intellect and imagination. Courses should enable students to participate in social and cultural communities associated with artistic and literary endeavors, enriching their personal and professional lives.

Arts (C1)
AMS 001A-BAmerican Civilization
ARTH 015Intro to Visual Culture
ARTH 070AArt History, Prehistoric to Medieval
ARTH 070BArt History, Renaissance to Modern
ARTH/ASIA 070CArts of Asia
ARTH 072Design in Society
DANC 010Dance Appreciation
HUM 001A-BBackground of Western Culture & Society
HUM 002A-BModern Culture & Social Institutions
MUSC 010AMusic Appreciation
MUSC 010BIntroduction to Music
MUSC/ASIA 019Music in World Cultures
PHIL 066Introduction to Aesthetics
RTVF 010The Art of Film
TA 005Acting
TA 010Theatre Appreciation
Letters (C2)
AMS 001A-BAmerican Civilization
CHIN 025AIntermediate Chinese
CHIN 025BIntermediate Chinese
ENGL 010Great Works of Literature
ENGL 022Fantasy & Science Fiction
ENGL 040Contemporary World Fiction
ENGL 071Creative Writing
ENGL 078Introduction to Shakespeare's Drama
FREN 025AIntermediate French: Reading
FREN 025BIntermediate French: Writing
GERM 025AIntermediate German
GERM 025BIntermediate German
HUM 001A-BBackground of Western Culture & Society
HUM 002A-BModern Culture & Social Institutions
JPN 025AIntermediate Japanese
JPN 025BIntermediate Japanese
JWSS 018QSuperheroes & Geeks
PHIL 010Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 061Moral Issues
PHIL 070AAncient Philosophy
PHIL 070BModern Philosophy
POLS 003Introduction to Political Thought
RELS/HUM/MDES 070AWestern Religions
RELS/ASIA/HUM 070BEastern Religions
RELS/HUM/JWSS/MDES 090Bible Hist and Lit
SPAN 025AIntermediate Spanish
SPAN 025BIntermediate Spanish
TA 013Great Comedies for Theatre
UNVS 096GCGlobal Citizenship: A Humanities Perspective
Written Communication 1B (C3)
Written Communication 1B will reinforce and advance the abilities developed in Written Communication 1A, broadening and deepening students' understanding of the genres
ENGL 001BComposition 2
HUM 001A-BBackground of Western Culture & Society
HUM 002A-BModern Culture & Social Institutions

Students who satisfy Written Communication 1B with a course certified in another area of GE must complete Area C with a second course in Arts or Letters.

Social Science

9 units
Complete one course each in Human Behavior, Comparative Systems, and Social Issues.
Social Science courses should increase the student's understanding of human behavior and social interaction in the context of value systems, economic structures, political institutions, social groups, and natural environments

Human Behavior (D1)
Human Behavior courses will enable students to be able to recognize the interaction of social institutions, culture, and environment with the behavior of individuals.
ANTH 011Cultural Anthropology
CHAD 075Imagination, Play & Adult Creativity
CMPE 025The Digital World & Society
COMM 010Communication & Human Relationships
COMM 021Performing Culture & Society
ECON 001BPrinciples of Economics: Microeconomics
ECON 001BQPrinciples of Economics: Microeconomics
ENGR/TECH 098Technology & Women
GEOG 010Cultural Geography
HS/GERO/HRTM 015Human Life Span
LING 020Nature of Language
MAS 030Race & Ethnicity in Public Space
OCTH 010Homeless Americans: Loss of the American Dream
POLS 014QAwake in Utopia
PSYC 001General Psychology
PSYC 082Child & Adolescent Psychology
SOCI 001Introduction to Sociology
UNVS 096GDGlobal Citizenship: A Social Sciences Perspective
WOMS 005QGender, Race & Sexuality in Media
WOMS 010Perspectives on Sex & Gender Roles
Comparative Systems (D2)
Courses in this area will enable students to compare and contrast two or more ethnic groups, cultures, regions, nations, or social systems.
AAS 033A-BAsian Americans in the United States Historical & Political Process
AAS/AFAM/MAS 025The Changing Majority: Power & Ethnicity in America
AMS 001A-BAmerican Civilization
GEOG 101Global Geography
HIST 010AWestern Civilization
HIST 010BWestern Civilization
HIST/POLS 015A-BU.S. History & Government
HUM 001A-BBackground of Western Culture & Society
HUM 002A-BModern Culture and Social Institutions
MAS 10A-10BMexican Americans & the Development of U.S. History and Government
POLS 002Introduction to Comparative Politics
WOMS/AAS 020Women of Color in the US
Social Issues (D3)
Social Issues courses will enable students to apply multidisciplinary material to a topic relevant to policy and social action at the local, national, and/or international levels.
AAS 033A-BAsian Americans in the United States Historical & Political Process
AMS 001A-BAmerican Civilization
ENVS 001Introduction to Environmental Issues
HIST/POLS 015A-BU.S. History & Government
HUM 001A-BBackground of Western Culture & Society
HUM 002A-BModern Culture and Social Institutions
MAS 010A-BMexican Americans & the Development of U.S. History and Government
MCOM 072Mass Communication & Society
POLS 004Introduction to International Relations
SOCI 080Social Problems
SOCI 116Global Society

Human Understanding & Development

3 units
Complete one course.
Human Understanding and Development courses will enable students to understand themselves as integrated physiological, social, and psychological entities who are able to formulate strategies for lifelong personal development. Students will also learn skills to employ available university resources to support academic and personal development.

Human Understanding & Development (E)
ANTH 025Human Lifecourse in Context
BIOL 054Human Understanding
BUS 012Money Matters
CHAD 060Child Developmt
CHAD/KIN 067Development of Human Potential
CHAD 070Lifespan Development in the 21st Century
COMM 074Fundamentals of Intercultural Communication
COMM 074QFundamentals of Intercultural Communication
EDCO 004Personal, Academic & Career Exploration
ENGR 010Introduction to Engineering
GEOL 005Human Development & the Natural World
RECL 010Creating a Meaningful Life
HS 001Understanding Your Health
KIN 069Stress Management: A Multidisciplinary Perspective
LING 022Language Across the Lifespan
NUFS 009Introduction to Human Nutrition
PHIL 012Philosophy of the Person
PSYC 002QIdentity Development & Prejudice
RELS 099Death, Dying & Religions
SCI 002QSuccess in Science
SOCI/UNVS 057Community Involvement & Personal Growth
TA 048Voice & Movement for the Actor
UNVS 096GEGlobal Citizenship: A Human Development Perspective