The International Baccalaureate (IB)

Students who present the following official higher level IB Exam scores of four or better, taken before college matriculation, will be granted up to six semester units of lower division baccalaureate credit. The course equivalence and satisfaction of requirements vary.

Requires score of 4-7 on higher level exams for any credit to be granted as of Fall 2015. Course equivalence dependent on major advisor for major, minor, or support credit.

ExamUnitsCourseGE Credit (comments)
Biology HL6BIOL 010Area B2 (3 units)
Chemistry HL6CHEM 030AArea B1 (3 units)
Classical Languages HL6Elective creditArea C2 (3 units)
Computer Science HL6Elective creditNo GE
Design Technology HL6Elective creditNo GE
Economics HL6ECON 001A & 001BArea D1 (3 units)
Geography HL6Elective creditArea D2 (3 units)
History (any region) HL6Elective creditArea C2 or D2 (3 units)
Islamic History HL6Elective creditArea D2 (3 units)
Language A1 (English) HL (last exam in 2012)6ENGL 001A & ENGL 001BArea A2 (3 units) & C2(3 units)
Language A: Literature (English) HL - beginning 20136ENGL 001A & ENGL 001BArea A2 (3 units) & Area C2 (3 units)
Language A: Language and Literature (English) HL - beginning 20136ENGL 001A & ENGL 001BArea A2 (3 units) & C2(3 units)
Language A1 (any other language) HL (last exam in 2012)6Elective creditArea C2 (3 units)
Language A2 (any language) HL (last exam in 2012) 6Elective CreditArea C2 (3 units)
Language B (any language) HL6Elective CreditArea C2 (3 units)
Mathematics HL6Elective creditArea B4, ELM exempt (3 units)
Music HL6Elective creditArea C1 (3 units)
Philosophy HL6PHIL 010Area C2 (3 units)
Physics HL6Elective creditArea B1 (3 units)
Psychology HL3Elective creditArea D1 (3 units)
Social and Cultural Anthropology HL6Elective creditArea D1 (3 units)
Theatre HL6Elective creditArea C1 (3 units)
Visual Arts HL6Elective creditArea C1 (3 units)