Regulation - Campus Climate

Tolerance, Respect and Understanding

As members of a university community it is our responsibility to advocate tolerance, respect and understanding at a level above that which is minimally required of us by law. While SJSU has largely succeeded in creating a diverse campus community, it must also actively promote a civil campus climate. This may require changes in attitudes and behaviors as we develop our common bonds.

Several of the convictions that might help us as members of an educational institution create these bonds are:

Respect for the individual: In recognition of individual uniqueness and value, whether as students, faculty, staff or administrators, it is our commitment to discourage appropriately any actions, behaviors, communication or programs that erode this fundamental concern for the individual.

Commitment to issue and problem resolution: It is the intent of the university to recognize the process of problem and issue resolution as integral to the successful achievement of its mission. SJSU is committed to addressing problems and issues in a responsive, equitable and timely manner.

Open communication and feedback: The university endorses and supports an environment of open communication and feedback. In support of this principle, the university will develop internal programs to educate, evaluate and provide feedback to support the growth process, including the growth of community and civility.