Registration Fees, Payments and Refunds


  • Fees are subject to change without notice.
  • You are responsible for keeping your MySJSU ( account current.
  • If a check or e-check is dishonored by the bank for any reason, including keying errors for e-checks, your registration is subject to cancellation.
  • Any delinquent outstanding charges owed to the university will be submitted to the Franchise Tax Board for tax refund offset.

All payments apply to the oldest balance on your account. For example, if you are making a registration payment and you have a housing balance with an earlier due date, the payment will apply to the housing charges first. Keep your account current to avoid the possibility of enrollment cancellation.

When you register, your MySJSU will show the balance due and due date. Fees are payable by the due date(s) and must be posted to your account before or on the due date to avoid enrollment cancellation. Please see acceptable methods of payment and payment plan options on the Bursar's Office website at

Failure to pay fees by the due date will result in enrollment cancellation and all classes will be dropped. Note: Classes are not automatically dropped after census. Students wishing to partially drop or withdraw from all classes must do so by following the university policies and procedures.

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