Reinstatement - Undergraduate

Reinstatement of Undergraduate Students After Academic Disqualification

Reinstatement is a different process from readmission. Readmission of a disqualified student is not possible unless reinstatement has been approved, but students must note that reinstatement is not readmission nor does it guarantee readmission. There may even be some situations in which reinstatement is sought with no intention of reapplying to SJSU, such as for admission to another institution or program.

In most situations, students will need to apply for readmission prior to being reinstated. All returning students must submit an application for admission to SJSU. Reapply for the next available term at by the published deadline. If you miss the deadline for your desired term, you will need to submit an application for the next available term. The major listed on your application must match the major on the Petition for Reinstatement. If the majors differ, the major listed on your application will be changed to reflect the major listed on the Petition for Reinstatement. For more information regarding Readmission, see Readmission - Former Students Returning (FSR).

Categories for Reinstatement

  1. SJSU cumulative GPA 2.0 or better. This category is for disqualified students who have attended SJSU through Open University and brought their SJSU cumulative GPA up to 2.0 or better. Raising the GPA to 2.0 or better does not guarantee that a department will approve the petition. Many departments place restrictions on reinstatement to their major degree programs. Please consult with your major advisor(s) as early as possible.
  2. Extenuating Circumstances. Reinstatements in this category will only be granted for serious and compelling reasons that were clearly beyond a student's control. Generally, all acceptable extenuating circumstances fall into one of the following eight categories: administrative error, employment, military, natural disaster, death of immediate family member, personal health or serious family illness, divorce, or personal/other (rarely approved). The following are not valid reasons for reinstatement under this category: Poor academic performance, non-attendance, change of major, or lack of prerequisite(s). In addition to the required documentation of extenuation, approvals will require demonstration that poor performance in a particular semester was atypical.
  3. Special Consideration. This category is reserved for students whose petitions cannot be accommodated within the other categories. Typically, such students have spent substantial time away from SJSU since their disqualification (five years or more) and feel that their life experiences have prepared them for a successful return to school.
  4. Petitioned Grade Change. This category is reserved for changes of grade approved under Section III (Grade Appeal) and Section IV (Change of Grade) of University Policy S09-7 ( If you are petitioning under this category, you must clearly explain which course grade was changed, when it was changed, and the reason for the change.

Reinstatement Petition Deadlines and Processing

  1. Petitions for Reinstatement are accepted and evaluated on an ongoing basis. Allow at least fifteen business days for processing after submitting the completed petition form to the Registrar's Office. You may petition under more than one category, but if you do so, your personal statement and documentation must support each category you have selected. Your petition will not be processed if you are not using the current form. See to be certain that you are using the most recent version of this petition.