Probation - Administrative-Academic

A student may be placed on administrative-academic probation by action of the Provost for any of the following reasons:

1. Withdrawal from all or a substantial portion of a program of studies in two successive terms or in any three terms. A student whose withdrawal is directly associated with a chronic or recurring disability or its treatment is not subject to administrative-academic probation for such withdrawal.

2. Repeated failure to progress toward the stated degree or other program objective, including that resulting from assignment of 15 units of "NC", when such failure appears to be due to circumstances within the student's control.

3. Failure to comply, after due notice, with an academic requirement or regulation which is routine for all students or a defined group of students (examples: failure to complete a required CSU or campus examination, failure to complete a required practicum, failure to satisfy GE Areas A2 and B4 by the beginning of the 2nd year, failure to comply with professional standards appropriate to the field of study, failure to complete a specified number of units as a condition for receiving student financial aid or making satisfactory progress in the academic program).

When such action is taken, the student will be notified in writing and provided with the conditions for removal from probation and the circumstances which would lead to disqualification, should probation not be removed.