Transfer Credit

SJSU has extensive articulation with many colleges and universities in California. Course-to-course articulation agreements identify courses of comparable content for major and minor requirements for undergraduate degree programs at SJSU. The articulation agreement assures students that the approved transfer courses on the transfer campus will be accepted "in lieu of" the comparable SJSU courses. Information about the courses for each campus that SJSU has agreements with can be found at our comprehensive on-line transfer planning site:

Generally, transfer credit will be posted within the first semester of attendance or sooner in some cases. It is important to submit official transcript(s) from all institutions attended for work completed to ensure that transfer credit is posted.

San Jose State University accepts electronic transcripts as the preferred method. If possible please request your school to send your transcripts electronically. Electronic transcripts save processing time. If you have questions or need assistance with your transfer credit, please email

Credit from Other Colleges and Universities
Credit for Military Training in Non-Collegiate Settings
Credit for Professional Education
Credit for Noncollegiate Instruction
Credit for Home Study
Credit for Work Experience