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College Level Exam Program - CLEP

Requires score of at least 50 for subject exams. Students may not receive more than 30 units of CLEP credit.

BusinessUnitsCourseGE Credit (comments)
Financial Accounting3Elective creditNo GE
Information Systems3Elective creditNo GE
Introductory Business Law3BUS3 080No GE
Principles of Management3Elective creditNo GE
Principles of Marketing3Elective creditNo GE

Composition and LiteratureUnitsCourseGE Credit (comments)
American Literature3Elective creditArea C2 (3 units)
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature3Elective creditArea C2 (3 units)
College Composition*6ENGL 001AArea A2 (3 units)
College Composition Modular*3ENGL 001AArea A2 (3 units)
English Literature3Elective creditArea C2 (3 units)
Humanities3Elective creditArea C2 (3 units)

*Beginning July 2010 credit and GE may be earned for either College Composition or College Composition Modular, but not for both exams.

World LanguagesUnitsCourseGE Credit (comments)
French Language (Level 1 = min score of 50)6Elective creditNo GE
French Language (Level 2* = min score of 59)9Elective creditArea C2 (3 units)
German Language (Level 1 = min score of 50)6Elective creditNo GE
German Language (Level 2* = min score of 60)9Elective creditArea C2 (3 units)
Spanish Language (Level 1 = min score of 50)6SPAN 001AArea C2 (4 units)
Spanish Language (Level 2* = min score of 63)9SPAN 001A, 001BArea C2 (8 units)

*If the student receives credit for Level 2 exam, they may not receive credit for Level 1 exam in the same language.

History and Social SciencesUnitsCourseGE Credit (comments)
American Government3Elective creditAreas US 2 & D (3 units)
History of the U.S. I3Elective creditAreas US 1 & D (3 units)
History of the U.S. II3Elective creditAreas US 1 & D (3 units)
Human Growth & Development3HS 015Area D or E (3 units)
Introduction to Educational Psychology3Elective creditNo GE
Introductory Psychology3PSYC 001Area D (3 units)
Introductory Sociology3SOCI 001Area D (3 units)
Principles of Macroeconomics3ECON 001AArea D (4 units)
Principles of Microeconomics3ECON 001BArea D (4 units)
Social Sciences & History6Elective creditArea D (6 units)
Western Civilization I3HIST 010AArea C2 or D (3 units)
Western Civilization II3HIST 010BArea D (3 units)

Science and MathematicsUnitsCourseGE Credit (comments)
Biology6BIOL 010Area B2 (3 units, no lab)
Calculus4MATH 030Area B4 (4 units)
Chemistry6CHEM 030AAreas B1 and B3 (6 units)
College Algebra3MATH 018AArea B4 (3 units)
College Mathematics6Elective creditArea B4 (3 units)
Natural Sciences6Elective creditAreas B1 & B2 (3 units each, no lab)
Precalculus3MATH 019Area B4 (3 units)

For historical CLEP credit by exam information, please visit the TES website and type the College Board in the institution search field.