Waiver Examinations

A satisfactory score on one or more of the following tests will result in a waiver of the requirement, but no unit credit will be awarded. Information on all waiver examinations is available in the Testing Office. There is a test fee associated with some of these exams.

American Institutions

A waiver examination (giving no unit credit) is available in the Testing Office to challenge the California Government graduation requirement (Area US3).

Written Communication II Course (100W)

Students who have earned a waiver-eligible score on the Writing Skills Test (WST) at SJSU, or who have satisfied the CSU Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement at another CSU campus, are not required to take a 100W course unless their degree programs do not accept a waiver of the course. Consult the General Education section for a list of majors that do not accept the waiver.

Credit by Exam (CBE) for Challenge Examinations