Course Placement by Examination

See the policies below and the respective departments for details about all placement examinations.


The Calculus Placement Exam is offered to students who would like to place into MATH 030, MATH 030P, MATH 030PL, or MATH 071, and have not yet satisfied the prerequisites (MATH 071: MATH 018A/019 or SAT 570+ or ACT 23+; MATH 030: MATH 019 with B or better; Math 030P/030PL: MATH 019 with C- or better). See for more information or contact the Testing Office;

Foreign Language

Placement examinations in French, German and Spanish are recommended for those students who studied language in high school or acquired language skills through life experiences.

Students having completed college level foreign language (at SJSU or elsewhere) generally will not take the placement examination but will enroll in the course for which they qualify on the basis of units completed.


All new and transfer music majors, including graduate students and returning former students, must report to the School of Music and Dance for auditions, advising and placement examinations. Music majors and minors must also audition for a major ensemble before completing registration.