Financial Assistance

The following information concerning student financial assistance may be obtained from the Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships, Student Services Center, 408-283-7500:

A description of the federal, state, institutional, local, and private student financial assistance programs available to students who enroll at San José State University;

For each aid program, a description of procedures and forms by which students apply for assistance, student eligibility requirements, criteria for selecting recipients from the group of eligible applicants, and criteria for determining the amount of a student's award;

A description of the rights and responsibilities of students receiving financial assistance, including federal Title IV student assistance programs, and criteria for continued student eligibility under each program;

The satisfactory academic progress standards that students must maintain for the purpose of receiving financial assistance and criteria by which a student who has failed to maintain satisfactory progress may reestablish eligibility for financial assistance;

The method by which financial assistance disbursements will be made to students and the frequency of those disbursements;

The terms of any loan received as part of the student's financial aid package, a sample loan repayment schedule, and the necessity for repaying loans;

The general conditions and terms applicable to any employment provided as part of the student's financial aid package;

The responsibility of San José State University for providing and collecting exit counseling information for all student borrowers under the federal student loan programs; and

The terms and conditions for deferral of loan payments for qualifying service under the Peace Corps Act, the Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973, or comparable volunteer community service.