Graduate Admission - Transcript Submission

Transcripts submitted for admission purposes must be official and sent directly from the originating school or college to Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluations (GAPE), San Jose State University, One Washington Square, San Jose, CA 95192-0017. International applicants must request WES evaluations to be sent directly to San Jose State University. Unofficial transcripts submitted via the student are not acceptable for this purpose. Records submitted become the property of the university and will not be released to the student. If a student does not fully complete an application and enroll, the records will be kept on file for about one year and then destroyed.

Graduate applicants must submit to GAPE one official transcript or WES evaluation from each accredited institution attended. Failure to report to the university on the admissions application all previous college-level enrollment and to provide transcripts certifying that enrollment are regarded as serious infractions of university policy and may be punishable by permanent separation from the university. Some departments may also require applicants to file additional transcripts with their graduate advisor. Program requirements are located on departmental websites, which can be accessed by clicking on the program name at

Individuals currently enrolled in courses at the time of their application for admission are required to report of work in progress in the university Cal State Apply application by recording the department course number, course title, and units attempted and to submit an official transcript of the work when it is completed.