Graduate Admission - Requirements for International Students

The CSU must assess the academic preparation of international students. The designation, "international students" includes those who are seeking to hold a student visa, hold U.S. visas as students (F-1), exchange visitors (J-1), or are in other nonimmigrant classifications and have completed their prior education in institutions outside of the U.S.

The CSU uses specific requirements and application submission dates in the admission of international (F-1/J-1 seeking) students. Verification of English proficiency (see the section Admission - International Student - English-Language Proficiency Exam Requirement), financial resources, and academic performance are all important considerations for admission. World Education Services (WES) are used in lieu of academic records from international institutions. WES evaluations must be on file by the stated deadlines for the admission term. Although WES evaluations are used for the authentication of academic documents, the evaluation of credentials and GPA will be conducted by the evaluation team at the Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluations (GAPE) office. See for more information.