Bachelor's Degree Candidates

  • You should apply for graduation at least two semesters in advance, after completing at least 85 semester units.
  • See major department for specific graduation course and unit requirements.
  • File your application no later than the Processing Deadline dates shown below. Submitting your application by the priority processing deadline allows us to review your graduation requirements before Advance Registration ends for your last term of attendance.
  • Graduation applications are available at:
  • Major/Minor Forms are available from your department office.
  • Submit a completed graduation application, Major form (and Minor form as applicable), in a sealed department envelope to the

the Registrar' s Office, located in the Student Services Center. Incomplete applications will be returned and may cause a delay in graduation.

  • Only original signed documents are acceptable.
  • All courses and requirements must be completed by the date of graduation and transcripts received within one month after graduation. Any Incomplete (I) or Record Delayed (RD) grade must be cleared before your degree can be awarded. Once your degree has been posted, no grade changes will be made to your record.
  • If you are unable to complete the course work, or if the date of graduation is delayed, a "Graduation Date Change Form" must be submitted to the Registrar's Office. A $10.00 administrative fee must be paid at the Bursar's Office.

Don't delay! Apply by the priority processing deadline dates. See Applications will continue to be accepted up to the last day to add classes for the term of graduation; however, delays may occur in the initial and final evaluation of your application and names may not appear in the commencement book. If we receive your application after the final deadline date for the term you are applying, your application will automatically be set up for the next available graduation date.