Graduation Requirement - Time Limits

Time Limit

Courses taken to meet degree requirements at San José State University are subject to a time limitation of 10 years. Students are required to meet those requirements in the major in effect no earlier than 10 years prior to receiving the degree. Students with an unusual problem may petition the major department chair for a waiver of the 10-year requirement.

Graduate students should refer to the section on Graduate Degree - Time Limits.

Facilitating Graduation

Effective Spring 2010, any undergraduate or graduate student will be precluded from enrolling in any additional state-supported courses when that student has already met all necessary requirements for the degree for which that student is matriculated. Moreover, students who have met all requirements for graduation prior to any semester in which they are enrolled will be permitted to drop all courses for which they are registered, with little or no penalty, and to graduate at the next available date. Students who have earned more than enough units to graduate but have some remaining requirements to complete, will be advised and precluded from registering in any courses other than those required for a timely graduation.