Refunds - Registration

See for detailed information on refund percentages.

Financial Aid Students

When students who are receiving financial aid withdraw, the unearned portion of federal and state funds must be returned to the appropriate fund. The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office provides this information.

For All Students

Last day for full refund of both basic registration tuition fees and non-resident tuition, less a processing fee for students who do not select electronic refunds.

Pro rata refund schedule begins for both basic registration tuition fees and non-resident tuition for students who withdraw from the university.

After this date, students who remain enrolled but drop classes resulting in a lower fee category will not be eligible for a refund

The last day to receive a pro-rated refund based on withdrawal or dropping courses.

See for specific refund details.

Special Session and Open University students

Consult for specific refund policies.

Refund - Registration - Non-Resident
Refunds - Parking Permits