Registration - Late Drop Petitions

Students may petition to Late Drop for serious and compelling reasons after the drop deadline. To verify the official dates, see for links to the official academic calendar. Petitions are available at for undergraduates and for graduate students.

Conditions and circumstances are defined as 'serious and compelling' and are considered beyond the student's control, and which occurred after the drop deadline.

A personal statement submitted without supporting documentation is not acceptable. Acceptable documentation includes:

Personal health or serious family illness
Serious health reasons out of your control (e.g. personal health, serious family illness or assigned caretaker). Attach Healthcare Provider Form found at

Military (orders from CO)
Submit military assignment papers.

Divorce papers or certification of pending divorce.

Natural Disaster: (e.g. fire, earthquake)
Submit verifiable documentation.

Letter from employer, on letterhead indicating reason(s) for work schedule circumstances conflicting with the class requested to drop and date of change in schedule.

Personal/Other (rarely approved)
Submit verifiable and appropriate documentation other than student's statement.

Administrative Error
University documentation from appropriate departments. Students must understand that their personal letter alone will not suffice as verifiable documentation.

Late drops are to be submitted to the counter of Academic Advising and Retention Services in the Student Services Center.

Neither an instructor's signature nor submission of a Late Drop petition constitutes approval. Continue attending class and complete all assignments until you are notified via MySJSU message that the petition has been approved or denied.