Registration - Adding a Class

Go to

Enter your SJSU ID and Password

Navigate to Academics > Add a Class

  • Select the correct term. If you do not see the desired term, you are not eligible to enroll. New students should contact Admissions. Continuing students should contact the Registrar's Office.

Choose the class you wish to add.

To search the schedule, click the green "Search Button." Make sure the Course Career is set to Graduate or Undergraduate depending on the class you are searching for. If you find a class you wish to add, click the "Select Class" button to place it in your shopping cart.

Alternatively, if you know the class number for the class you wish to add, you can simply type the 5 digit Class Nbr and click the Enter button.

Either way, once you have chosen a class, a new page called "Class Enrollment Options" will appear. Verify that the course is the one you selected. If required, enter any permission numbers and select any related components if applicable, and click Okay. The Add Classes page will appear, and you will see your classes in your shopping cart.

Warning: you have not yet added your classes.

Component Classes

If the course has related components attached to it (e.g., lab, seminar), the system will prompt you to select the one you wish to add.

Department or Instructor Consent

If you received a Class Permission Number, enter it in the available field. Please note that most classes will require a Class Permission Number if you are adding during Late Registration.

Switching Class Sections?

You must drop the section (lecture and labs/seminar, as well, if they have related components or corequisites) before adding the new class section(s).

Add Additional Classes

If you want to add another class to your add classes list, simply repeat the previous steps.

Warning: Finish Enrolling

Make sure you complete the process! Once you have added all your classes to your shopping cart, click the green button that says "Proceed to Step 2 of 3." On the next page you will be given the chance to review your enrollment and make sure that it is accurate. Once you have verified your classes, click the green "Finish Enrolling" button to submit your registration.

Verify Add

Check to make sure you did not receive any errors for the classes you added. If you did, you can see a message explaining why you could not add the class, for example, prerequisites not met, or the class is full. Finally, check your class schedule to make sure all the classes you added appear.

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