Registration - Appointments and Class Schedule

Do your research and plan your schedule

Check your enrollment appointment at

You will not be able to register before your appointment time, but you can enter the system, run MyProgress and MyPlanner, and research course offerings, degree requirements, course prerequisites, etc. You will not be able to register until you clear registration holds (see Registration Holds).

It is your responsibility to monitor your account to see when the appointment time is posted. Note that enrollment appointments are not mailed to students.

Create a registration worksheet before logging on

Build a sample schedule and have alternate schedules or classes prepared in the event courses are either closed or cancelled. SJSU offers course listings to you in 3 ways:

  1. Use MyScheduler to find the schedule options that work for you, You can import your semester plan from MyPlanner to MyScheduler and you can block out times you have work other other commitments.
  2. class schedule search function: Real-time updates of available courses (open and closed sections, seats remaining).
  3. Instructions, policies, procedures and course listings at one URL. Searchable, linked to SJSU Catalog degree templates.
  4. links to PDFs (Portable Document Format): Best current format if you want or need to print schedule pages.
  5. Check out the Roadmap for your major requirements and run MyPlanner.

Registration - Course Offerings and Cancelled Classes

The courses listed in the online SJSU Schedule of Classes reflect the scheduled offerings by the departments available at the publication deadline. The online schedule of classes posted at MySJSU provides real time status of classes. Departments have the option, based on enrollment, to cancel and/or add sections or courses.