Graduation Requirements - Undergraduate

Candidates for graduation with a baccalaureate degree must satisfy the regulations described in this section, and those outlined by the major department. The Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degrees are offered with majors in the several fields listed under Curricula Offered. In addition to the BA and the BS, the Bachelor of Music (BM), the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degrees are also offered. Specific requirements for degrees in each field are outlined in the departmental sections of this catalog. All candidates for graduation must satisfy the general regulations described on the following pages in this section, as well as those outlined by the major department.

Graduation Requirement - Academic
Graduation Requirement - American Institutions (AI)
Graduation Requirement - Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)
Graduation Requirement - Physical Education (PE)
Graduation Requirement - Residency
Graduation Requirement - Upper Division
Graduation Requirement - Catalog Rights
Graduation Requirement - Time Limits
Units from 4-Year Colleges/Universities
Graduation Application
Bachelor's Degree Candidates
Degrees - Conferring
Double Major
Double Concentration
Special Major
Second or Additional Baccalaureate Degree
Continuous Attendance and Catalog Rights
Graduate Credit for Units Completed as a Graduating Senior