Social Sciences, College of

Programs in the College of Social Sciences prepare students for work and life in Silicon Valley and a rapidly changing world. Our twelve departments provide training for careers in counseling, human computer interaction, environmental impact assessment and restoration, computerized mapping, public administration, economic analysis, internet communication, and countless other positions in business, government, teaching, and human services.

Major courses of study emphasize the contributions of the many cultures that form our community. Internships are encouraged to help students relate academic work to the opportunities and needs of this diverse region. Completion of one of our undergraduate majors also provides an excellent foundation for advanced work in one of the disciplines or at a professional school such as law or business.

New technologies increasingly improve our instruction and link us to the innovative industry of our region and to the educational resources of the world, but personal interaction between students and faculty is still prized within the College of Social Sciences. Capable and interesting teacher-scholars, active student clubs and small classes provide ideal environments for learning.

Special Centers

The programs of the College of Social Sciences are further enriched by educational, research and training opportunities provided by the following specialized units:

Burdick Military History Project supports the study and teaching of military history through public lectures, the Veterans Oral History Project, and it specialized collection of materials relating to military history. Contact the History Department.

Center for the Development of Recycling advances education, research and dissemination of information in various areas of recycling. Contact the Environmental Studies Department.

Center for Economic Education supports improvement in the teaching of economics through a multi-method approach and the dissemination of economics education materials. Contact the Economics Department.

East Asian Regional Materials and Resources Center provides information and counsel about studies in Asia, including library and audio-visual material available to teachers. Contact the History Department.

Sourisseau Academy promotes better understanding and appreciation of California's state and local history, with emphasis on the history of Santa Clara Valley, through graduate scholarships and collections of historical source materials. Contact the History Department.

Teaching Credential Programs

Teacher Credential Programs - To apply to a Teacher Credential Program please see the College of Education website.

Social Science Teacher Preparation: The College of Social Science offers California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) approved Multiple and Single Subject Social Science Teacher Preparation (SSTP) programs. Students who complete the required coursework are considered "subject matter competent" and are not required to take the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET).