Science, College of

San José is at the center of Silicon Valley, known worldwide for its research institutes and industries that set the standard for scientific and technological innovation. San José State is the metropolitan university of the region, and the academic programs of the College of Science prepare students for rewarding careers through our bachelor's and master's level degree programs in the biological sciences, physical sciences, mathematics and computer science fields. Our departments have established partnerships with local employers where students find training and employment opportunities.

The College of Science provides the lower division core biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics courses supporting majors in other technical disciplines (such as engineering). As part of the university general education requirements, we offer courses in quantitative reasoning, the physical universe and its life forms, and earth and the environment. Furthermore, we teach the discipline-specific courses for the science and mathematics teacher credential programs.

Successful science students come from many backgrounds. Some enter the university immediately upon graduation from high school. Others, who have worked or have various life experiences, enroll as either full or part-time students in order to continue their education and better their career opportunities. The maturity, laboratory skills and experience of these students enrich our programs. We have several programs to increase the participation of women and underrepresented students in professional level science. Our College of Science Advising Center (COSAC) is available to assist students with their academic advising questions as well as to provide tutoring for key science and math courses.

There are active student clubs associated with each major, several of which have won national recognition for their professional and community service activities. Club members provide mutual support and are able to network with professionals in their field.

Special Centers

The College of Science has several unique interdisciplinary instructional research centers and programs: the Biotechnology Education and Research Institute (BERI), the Masters in BioTechnology (MBT), the Master's in Medical Product Development Management, the Clinical Lab Science program, the Center for Applied Mathematics, Computation and Statistics, the Institute for Modern Optics, the Flow Cytometry Core Facility, the W.M. Keck Facility for Chemical Research, the laboratory for Conservation Genetics, the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, and the Nuclear Science Facility. Partially funded by external grants and contracts, these centers provide our students opportunities to participate in sponsored research projects. Cooperative programs with local industries and government laboratories are additional sources of professional experience and financial support for our science majors.

Teaching Credential Programs

Two single subject credential programs are coordinated by the College of Science, in collaboration with the College of Education. The single subject professional programs are designed for individuals who are interested in teaching science or mathematics in middle schools or high schools. The Science Education Program offers single subject credential programs in biology, chemistry, earth science and physics. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a mathematics single subject credential program. For detailed information, contact the appropriate program coordinator.

Through the Science Education Program, the College of Science supports the Science Education Resource Center, which provides hands-on science materials, textbooks, reference materials and technical assistance to pre-service and in-service teachers.