Humanities and the Arts, College of

The College of Humanities and the Arts at San José State University provides a high-quality liberal arts education focused on creativity, innovation, and problem solving. Our programs in art and design, language, linguistics, and literature, film and theater, and music and dance and philosophy prepare students to be compassionate, informed citizens of the world. The College leverages the power of the arts and humanities to explore the most important questions of our time.

Building upon a foundation of excellent oral and written communication skills, our students analyze texts, explore experiences, and perform works that deepen their understanding and appreciation of diverse artistic and intellectual traditions. Under the direction of our accomplished faculty, our students develop the intellectual values, the practical skills, and the self-confidence they need to become accomplished professionals in such diverse fields as design, theatre, teaching, music performance, and visual art.

The Humanities and Arts Student Success Center partners with our academic departments to ensure that all undergraduate students receive on-time advising and robust academic planning support.

Teaching Credential Programs

The College of Humanities and Arts houses teaching credential programs in Art, English, Liberal Studies, Music, Theatre, and World Languages. Our teaching programs benefit from an active network of SJSU alums working in schools across the state.

Special Centers

The College of Humanities and the Arts is home to the Martha Heasley Cox Center for Steinbeck Studies, the Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies, the Center for Literary Arts, and the Center for Comparative Philosophy. The College manages the San José State University Writing Center, a resource for all SJSU students to help them become better writers. The College also manages the Hammer Theater, a city-owned venue that offers a professional venue for our best students in theater, music, and dance.