Student Conduct Procedures

SJSU is committed to ensuring a safe learning and living environment for students, faculty, and staff. The privilege of attending San José State University is accompanied by certain responsibilities to ensure this environment. The California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 41301 establishes behavioral expectations of our students to promote safety and good citizenship. The California State University issued Executive Order 1098, entitled, Student Conduct Procedures, on June 23, 2015 to outline the procedures for administering the Student Conduct Code as well as ensuring students' rights to due process. The process is intended to be educational in nature, and appropriate sanctions may be administered.

Policy and Implementation

At San José State University the responsibility for administering the Student Conduct Code resides with the Director of Student Conduct and Ethical Development in the Division of Student Affairs. This position is responsible for carrying out the duties in Executive Order No. 1098 assigned to the Student Conduct Administrator, including the determination of whether to initiate disciplinary action.

Students may be accompanied by an advisor of their choice. The advisor's role is limited to observing and providing consultation, support, and advice to the Student. The advisor may not speak on the Student's behalf.

San Jose State University excludes attorneys from student discipline proceedings except in limited circumstances where there are (a) pending criminal (felony) charges or (b) the recommended sanction is Expulsion. (Refer to Executive Order 1098, Article II, Section C for additional details about attorneys.)

The duties of the president in Executive Order No. 1098 are delegated to the Vice President for Student Affairs, including the appointment of hearing officers (Article II, section B), review of final reports of hearing officers and issuing notice of the final decision (Article III, Sections E and F), and the imposition of interim suspension (Article VI, Sections H and I).