Writing Skills Test (WST) - Registration Restriction

  • Are you planning on taking an SJSU Studies General Education course?
  • Are you planning on taking a 100W course outside of your major?

You must satisfy the WST requirement in order to register for any SJSU Studies (Area R, S, V, and Z) course. This is true even if you want to take the class for a major requirement, instead of GE. If you have not yet taken the WST, plan to take it as soon as possible. Check the General Education Section in this schedule for an explanation.

SJSU offers courses (LLD 100A and ENGL 100A) that satisfy the WST requirement, if completed with a grade of "C" or better.

There are designated 100W classes for most degree programs. Clear any substitutions with your major advisor before attempting to register for a 100W class that is included in your major's required courses.