Waitlist - Registration Procedures

  • All scheduled class sections have waitlists.
  • You may place yourself on the waitlist provided the list is not already full.
  • If you are already enrolled in another section of the same course, you will not be moved from the waitlist if space becomes available unless you drop the section you are enrolled in.
  • If there is a time conflict with a class for which you are already enrolled, you will not be moved from the waitlist.
  • You must meet any requisites for the class before you can be placed on the waitlist, e.g., course pre-requisites, section co-requisites, major and class level restrictions. See related catalog/course descriptions at MySJSU.
  • When you place yourself on a waitlist, you hold a position that changes as students ahead of you get added to the class or drop off the waitlist.
  • You may not go over your enrollment limit. For example, if moving into a course from a waitlist exceeds your enrollment limit, you will not be enrolled in the class.
  • Waitlists have priority over all general add requests. If students drop from a full class, students from the waitlist will be placed in the class before any student who logs in and requests the class, but is not on the class waitlist.
  • If you are moved from the waitlist into the class, you will receive a confirmation message in your MySJSU account.
  • As with any class, when you move from the waitlist into a class, it is your responsibility to drop the class if you decide not to attend. Failure to properly drop the class will result in a "WU" grade on your record which will lower your grade point average.
  • It is your responsibility to monitor your movement up the waitlist, your enrollment limit, potential time conflicts and any additional fees due.

For Variable Waitlist Unit Limit process visit

How do I move from the waitlist into the class?

Students are moved from the waitlist into the class if space becomes available, in the order they have been placed on the waitlist and subject to the restrictions described.

Students will be moved from the waitlist and placed into the class if other students drop or are dropped due to non-payment of fees.