Doctoral Project Requirements - Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree

It is California State University policy to require a doctoral project in Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs. Per that policy, the DNP doctoral project shall be the written product of a systematic, rigorous, evidence-based endeavor focused on a significant nursing practice issue. The doctoral project is expected to contribute to an improvement in professional practices, policy, or patient outcomes. It shall evidence originality, critical and independent thinking, appropriate form and organization, and adequate rationale. The DNP doctoral project shall reflect a command of the scholarly literature and shall demonstrate the student's mastery of evidence-based practice at the doctoral level. The written component of the doctoral project shall be organized in an appropriate form and shall identify the problem statement and purpose, state the major theoretical perspectives, explain the significance of the undertaking, relate it to the relevant scholarly and professional literature, identify the methods of gathering and analyzing the data, and offer a conclusion or recommendation.

Time is critical during the semester of submission of a doctoral project. Students must allow enough time for preparation of the draft, consideration by graduate committee members by the deadline dates set in departments, word processing, and the inevitable corrections. Students must leave time for the final reading and signing by the committee members. A minimum of two months is needed for the entire process, and departments may require a longer period. Students should confer with each committee member in advance regarding the time each requires for review and whether each will be in town and available when the review and signatures are due. The student shall have completed all requirements for the degree within five years of matriculation into the doctoral program. The appropriate campus authority may extend by up to two years the time for completion of the requirements.

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