Open University - Courses

San José State University's Open University program permits enrollment by non-matriculated students in specified regular curriculum classes on a space-available basis. Formal admission to the university is not required. Registration is not possible prior to the first class meeting. A maximum of 24 semester units may be applied toward bachelor degree and not more than nine units for a 30-unit master degree (30% of the degree program total) . Units earned in Open University may not be used to meet residence unit requirements for a degree. For undergraduate students, exceptions to these restrictions may be granted by petition (

Regular (matriculated) students in good standing may not enroll as Open University students. Matriculated students are those who have been admitted to San José State University as a regular student for the current semester or were registered as a matriculated student in the previous semester and who have not graduated.

Disqualified students who seek reinstatement following disqualification must see their advisor to develop a plan to meet the required GPA standard for readmission to the university. In addition to reinstatement, disqualified students must reapply and be readmitted in order to become regular (matriculated) students once again.

All prerequisites, including WST are enforced when enrolling through Open University.

International Students

International students must be regular full-time matriculated students admitted to a degree program. Enrollment in Open University does not qualify international students for the immigration document necessary to enter the United States, to transfer to SJSU from another U.S. university, or to maintain their legal F-1 status. Academically disqualified international students are eligible to enroll through Open University but must transfer to another I-20 issuing institution to maintain their F-1 student status, or apply for reinstatement to F-1 student status from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services after being re-admitted to SJSU.

Summer Session

Summer Session allows both matriculated and non-matriculated (i.e. Open University) students to enroll in summer classes at San José State University.

Winter Session

Both matriculated and non-matriculated students may enroll in this session. Credit earned may be applied to residence unit requirements for previously matriculated students, and is not subject to the 24-unit limitation in applying toward bachelor's degree requirements at San José State University.