Maximum Unit Loads

An undergraduate student who takes 12 or more units is classified as full-time for the purposes of financial aid. An average unit load of at least 30 units per academic year (15 units per semester without summer or winter coursework) is required to complete an undergraduate degree in four years. Advising is essential to be able to complete a degree in a timely and efficient manner. Students with work or family responsibilities outside of school should consult with an advisor and reduce their study loads appropriately.

The maximum load for graduate students is normally 15 semester units. Reasonable exceptions beyond this number up to 18 units may be approved, by the graduate advisor and department chair, for sufficient cause, and department chair, but permission must also be garnered from the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies by means of the Graduate Petition for Excess Units. Loads beyond 18 units for graduate students, are prohibited by the CSU. The Graduate Studies & Research Committee strongly recommends that graduate students carry no more than 12 units of 200-level work in any one semester. There is no official minimum load for graduate students other than for those who wish to receive financial assistance or other benefits.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) regulations on international students require that undergraduates maintain full-time status of 12 semester units and graduate students 9 semester units, excluding summer in both cases. To appeal this regulation, go to International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS).

Excess Units