Former Students Returning - Disqualified

Students disqualified at the close of their last enrollment must petition for reinstatement. See the section titled Disqualification and Probation for detailed information. Students seeking reinstatement to the university are also advised to make early application for readmission and meet all application and admission deadlines posted at Contact the Student Services Center for details, or read the Petition for Reinstatement information on

A. Students disqualified from San José State University who wish to be considered for readmission should:

  1. Read the section of this catalog titled Disqualification and Probation.
  2. Complete a Petition for Reinstatement ( Petition guidelines can be found on page 1 of the petition form.

Approval for reinstatement to the University after disqualification does not assure readmission to any particular semester or specific degree objective.

  1. Register and attend Transfer Orientation.

B. Students who have been disqualified from the college or university of last attendance (other than SJSU) will not be considered for admission to a regular session until:

  1. They have reapplied for admission, as upper division transfers, during the next available admission application cycle and meet all posted deadlines.
  2. The official transcript of record indicates eligibility to re-enroll
  3. Former Students Returning (FSR) should complete an "FSR petition" from SJSU in addition to applying for admission. Details may be found at