Undeclared Majors

The university accepts freshmen who are not ready to declare a major academic objective or who cannot get into their desired major objective into the undeclared category.

Students selecting the undeclared category for admission must declare a degree major objective prior to attaining junior standing (earning 60 units). Students must obtain prior approval from the department in which they ultimately choose to major in accordance with university regulations.

Students who are in doubt about their degree program are encouraged to seek assistance from Academic Advising and Retention Services in the Student Services Center. AARS serves as the major department for Undeclared students and does require advising every semester. AARS also serves as the major department for Undeclared-PreNursing students.

Trained counselors are also available in Counseling & Psychological Services and in the Career Center. Students will be assisted on an individual basis with the appropriate use of vocational assessment when necessary. Staff and resources exist in the Career Center to support major and career exploration.

Undeclared students should report to Academic Advising & Retention Services in the Student Services Center for General Education and other academic advisement aimed at eventually discovering an appropriate major degree program.