Admission - Transfer Applicant Transcripts

Transfer applicants who have completed 60 or more semester units of transferable credits and who are applying to the university need not file the high school transcript. However, applicants are cautioned that if, during the evaluation process, it is determined that fewer than 60 semester units of transferable credit have been earned, processing will stop and the application will be withdrawn.

All undergraduate applicants must file one official transcript from each college in which they have enrolled. This includes USAFI, the Defense Language Institute, Special Sessions (Winter Session and Professional Development), correspondence and audited courses, as well as any college in which the student was enrolled and withdrew without earning credit.

Former students need not order transcripts of work completed at SJSU whether this work was accomplished in the regular session, Open University, Special Sessions, or through the university Professional Development Program. Similarly, they need not reorder transcripts that were previously forwarded to this university. But if they did college work in the interim, such transcripts must be filed with their papers. Students absent from the university for a period of seven years or longer must resubmit all documents required for admission.