Admission - Freshmen - Provisional Admissions

The offer of provisional admission is based on the academic information that applicants report on the CSU Apply application. All academic information must be verified before the admitted student will be allowed to enroll and register for classes at SJSU. The admission status will remain "provisional" until an official, final transcript(s) passes verification and confirmation of graduation from high school has made. The offer of provisional admission to the academic plan (major) listed on the admission letter is only valid for the admit term and may not be deferred to another semester. In addition, it is not possible to change majors prior to enrollment at SJSU.

Applicants will qualify for regular (non-provisional) admission when the university verifies that they have graduated and received a high school diploma, have earned a qualifying minimum eligibility index, have completed the comprehensive pattern of college preparatory "a-g" subjects, and, if applying to an impacted program or campus, have met all supplementary criteria.