EPT/ELM Placement Tests

EPT/ELM Placement Tests in English and Math

Prior to August 2017 the CSU required that each entering undergraduate, except those who qualified for an exemption, take the CSU Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) examination and the CSU English Placement Test (EPT) prior to enrollment. As of Spring 2018, these placement tests have been replaced by alternative assessments. See section on alternative assessments elsewhere in the policies.

These placement tests are not a condition for admission to the CSU, but they are a condition of enrollment. These examinations are designed to identify entering students who may need additional support in acquiring college entry-level English and mathematics skills necessary to succeed in CSU baccalaureate-level courses. Undergraduate students who do not demonstrate college-level skills both in English and in mathematics will be placed in appropriate programs and activities during the first term of their enrollment to develop the needed skills. Students placed in remedial programs in either English or mathematics must complete all remediation in their first year of enrollment. Failure to demonstrate college-level skills by the end of the first year may result in denial of enrollment for future terms. Campus may establish deadlines by which new students must register for and/or take placement exams as a requirement for enrollment.

Although the ELM/EPT are no longer offered, scores for students who previously took the ELM and EPT will be honored.

EPT - English Placement Test
ELM - Mathematics Placement
Conditional Exemptions
ELM/EPT - Exemption Status
ELM/EPT - Alternative Assessment